The modular data room setting improves the overall efficiency of the data center

For now, the use of data centers in the process, simply the power consumption can not be underestimated. Especially in the configuration of equipment is a big problem. I believe that many companies are faced with such a problem, the configuration of the computer room, always feel that the space is not enough. Because of the need to be equipped with effective space, power supply, refrigeration, monitoring and other facilities. It is prone to over configuration. But now HUAWEI launched modular data room will be able to help companies solve this problem easily.

Modular, standardized design, the equipment is more stable and reliable operation process. Especially in the field of power supply and refrigeration, according to the specific needs of customers, to provide a different solution. All levels of standards can be well adapted. At the same time, according to the specific needs of IT business department, the overall structure of the system will be configured reasonably. enterprise data centers of mass production, will greatly improve the speed of delivery. This is undoubtedly a huge role in promoting the productivity of enterprises. Many enterprises are faced with the problem of supply time, and now may wish to solve this problem by modular mass production. All components are standardized, so in the process of installation of the device also eliminates a lot of time, greatly improving the installation speed. Those micro modules of the device, you can enter the factory, the first pre experiment, so that the system is running in the latter part of the process, debugging is more convenient.

Super scalability is another big advantage of modularity. The deployment of data centers are all in accordance with the principle of on-demand distribution, it will not cause a waste of fixed assets, it is efficient and energy saving.

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