The latest zinc rich primer price and construction process answer: commonly used antirust primer, how should choose 0?

With the rapid development of industrialization, many kinds of paint, and some are household paint, wall paint, there is some primer, primer is widely used in our daily life, for anticorrosion of steel rust products plays a key role, prolong the service life of the steel structure material to a great extent. Visible, zinc rich primer in the importance of construction, then zinc paste primer also has what role? How much is the price of zinc rich primer? Now there are some differences in the types and functions of zinc rich primers on the market, which makes the price of zinc rich primers different. Below, follow me together to zinc thick primer price specific understanding, hope to everyone in zinc rich primer choice on the help.

Zinc rich primer — brief introduction

Zinc rich primer is based on epoxy resin, polyamide as curing agent, superfine zinc powder as the main antirust pigment, and adding a certain amount of aluminum, silver paste and iron oxide red paint. It is a kind of steel structure. It is enough to protect the paint in the corrosion protection system. It has good adhesion to the steel and can play an excellent corrosion prevention effect on the steel structure. It is widely used in the construction.

Zinc rich primer — standard

Zinc rich primer in the production of certain standards, only to a certain standard can be sold and put into normal construction. And zinc rich primer standards include: solid content of 80%, dry film thickness of 50μ m, flash point of 25 degrees Celsius; drying time for table dry is less than or equal to half an hour; work hard is less than or equal to 24 hours. Individual production standards for zinc rich primers can be changed according to the actual needs of the user, but must be within the allowable range.

Zinc rich primer — advantages

1 zinc rich primer in high zinc content, has a good cathodic protection effect;

2 、 zinc rich primer, salt spray, moisture resistance, in a strong corrosive environment, can effectively protect the steel structure;

3 、 zinc rich primer is not only suitable for the protection of the steel structure of the land, but also suitable for long-term anti-corrosion in the marine environment;

4 、 zinc rich primer for a wide range of marine facilities, power plants, petrochemical plants, etc. can be used.

Zinc rich primer — classification

There are many kinds of zinc rich primers, including epoxy zinc rich primer, inorganic zinc rich primer and waterborne inorganic zinc rich primer. The waterborne inorganic zinc rich primer non-toxic, no flash point, less pollution to the environment; inorganic zinc rich primer heat resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance is excellent, but the construction requirement is higher; and the zinc rich epoxy primer is divided into water soluble zinc rich epoxy primer, water-soluble epoxy zinc rich primer, solvent type zinc rich epoxy primer, compare their construction problems, the construction requirements are also higher, but has good corrosion resistance, used in various buildings in the most widely.

Zinc rich primer — construction process

In the construction of zinc rich primer, to the steel structure surface treatment, including grinding, grinding and other sharp Guangshun, when construction can be used for air spraying and airless spraying two methods. But in order to paint the average, you can use double degree paint construction method, in the zinc rich primer mixture, zinc powder will be slowly added to the liquid, and then fully mixing, mixing direction should be consistent. Zinc rich primer construction environment should be guaranteed at humidity at 40— 60% best. For the temperature not less than 10 degrees Celsius, higher than 40 degrees Celsius, or not, the construction will fail.

Zinc rich primer price

随着社会进步,富锌底漆在城市建设中大量使用,富锌底漆富含锌粉,对钢材基底有极强的保护作用,是现代钢材防腐防锈的首要选择,科技进行使得富锌底漆在功能上得到极大提升,现在市面上最为主要的富锌底漆类型有:醇溶性无机富锌底漆、环氧富锌底漆、水性无机富锌底漆。富锌底漆类型差异,使得Zinc rich primer price相差甚远,市场上比较常见的Zinc rich primer price一般在:25-35元/公斤之间。

Zinc rich primer anticorrosion mechanism

Zinc rich primer is one of the most commonly used primers in the heavy duty anticorrosive coating system in our country. Zinc rich primer is used to protect the steel surface by sacrificing zinc powder in the corrosive environment. Because zinc is more active than iron, it is easy to lose electrons. In the early stage of corrosion, zinc powder and steel substrate form the primary battery, and the steel substrate gets cathodic protection. Continue to be corroded in the corrosion of zinc rich primer late zinc paint, zinc corrosion clearance and steel surface deposition, its structure is compact and is not conductive, can effectively block and shielding corrosion medium to erosion corrosion prevention effect, is widely used in the steel surface.

Zinc rich primer epoxy zinc rich primer

富锌底漆中的环氧富锌底漆以环氧树脂为基料,聚酰胺为固化剂,超细锌粉作为主要防锈颜料,加入铝银浆和氧化铁红制成,可以有效的增加耐热性能,防止锌盐产生,环氧富锌底漆施工简单方便,单对于施工温度有一定的要求。环氧富锌底漆具有极好防腐性能、附着力强、干燥快、良好的抗冲击耐磨性、可焊接性、可气割性等特点。被广泛用于钢铁表面临时保护防腐。环氧Zinc rich primer price为:30-35元/公斤。

Zinc rich primer inorganic zinc rich primer

无机富锌底漆与环氧富锌底漆相比,无机富锌底漆在使用过程中耐热、耐化学品性能、耐溶剂、导静电方面等都更为优异,但无机富锌底漆施工要求较高。无机富锌底漆优良的防腐蚀作用,以水为溶剂,具有防火性、耐高温、耐原油、耐溶剂等优点。无机富锌底漆被广泛的运用于油罐、溶剂舱、油舱、压载水舱等环境条件较苛刻的海洋钢铁结构、桥梁、烟囱等场所,无机Zinc rich primer price为:25-30元/公斤。

Zinc rich primer – waterborne inorganic zinc rich primer

水性无机富锌底漆是以水为溶剂和稀释剂,不含有机挥发物,具有无毒、无闪火点、对施工人员损害较小、对环境污染小、VOC为零、没有火灾危险等特点。水性无机富锌底漆在施工、贮存、运输等过程中比较安全。水性无机富锌底漆可用于油罐、油舱、溶剂舱、压载水舱等条件苛刻的环境,同时还可做为防锈耐热涂料。水性无机Zinc rich primer price:17-25元/公斤。

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