The floor enterprises to increase sales, playing the “feelings” brand than hard price war more useful

[] downward pressure on the economy, the overall situation is still grim flooring industry, under the baptism of wind and rain, the market has become increasingly rational. Flooring enterprises blindly rely on promotions, buy gifts and other ways to promote sales, although still attractive to some consumers, but not the most effective marketing model in the industry. Today, consumer demand has been a gradual transition to the &ldquo phase, ” spiritual consumption; floor enterprises to increase sales, playing “ feelings cards ” blunt price war is more useful.
Feelings marketing repeatedly high
This year is probably a year of feelings. “Mermaid” with the help of “ we all owe Stephen Chow a ticket for the film ” publicity prompted viewers into the theater to remember that &ldquo is not the same as the monkey king, the final; ” refresh the Chinese film film several box office records; NBA is the use of “ Kobe will retire every game is a curtain call in &rdquo the audience into the topic; promote the stadium to see who was equal to anything “ the Black Mamba, ” its final tickets price is a record high. The two thing that looks and flooring industry seems to be apple and orange, but it contains some of the feelings of strategy is worthy of the flooring industry output reference one or two.
The floor enterprise wants to create sales miracle, only with its own unique culture, through the product output to floor enterprise culture and resonate with consumers, so that consumers, products, culture three in the same level, but the feelings of marketing to a certain extent, it is the three in a marketing model to a level the. The floor enterprise with its own product marketing feelings as the media is the output of the enterprise culture, but also to meet the emotional demands of consumers, the invisible would shorten the distance between the consumer, so that consumers remember the product, and also greatly enhance the consumer’s desire to buy.
Feelings marketing is not everything
It must be pointed out that consumer demand is on the first floor of quality itself needs, followed by feelings, if the feelings play whether you have the order reversed, how sensational on how tall, the final result is just passable. Whether it is Stephen Chow’s film or Kobe’s curtain call game, the success of its emotional marketing itself is due to its own “can not be copied” classic, which is a prerequisite for emotional marketing.
Of course, the market is constantly changing, sometimes even changing moment, consumers there are new features, sometimes even classic, others not recognized, not to mention the flooring industry product homogeneity serious. Therefore, the floor enterprises in the culture and feelings marketing combination use, don’t put feelings in some marketing normalization mode fixed, otherwise the effect to a certain extent will continue to weaken, such as “IP MAN 3” the audience does not buy it.
It is not difficult to see, feelings marketing is actually a double-edged sword, if it only see the feelings of marketing success, but not in accordance with their own reality, blindly pursue the so-called feelings and realm, and the results can also be imagined.

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