The failure factors of Internet marketing in traditional coatings enterprises

[] with the popularity of the Internet, more and more traditional companies have begun to enter the Internet, even some traditional dealers are unwilling to remain out of the limelight to enter the internet. However, the vast majority of the traditional coating enterprises on-line failed. And the one-sided marketing of traditional coatings enterprises is the key factor of enterprise failure, mainly in the following aspects.
Traditional enterprises to the electricity supplier channels as Internet Marketing
There is a part of entrepreneurs or marketers to Internet based business channels as Internet marketing all, when they put forward the so-called Internet marketing, is to open a shop in Tmall Taobao, when two stores do not have no traffic conversion rate can not be achieved at the time of purchase, they think other Internet marketing methods.
A traditional paint entrepreneurs talk about internet marketing, he unexpectedly blurted out a series of electronic business platform, and some even people are not very clear. Why do these lists? The reason is very simple, insiders pointed out that if the enterprise into these business platform, if every day how much how much sales for a month, so enterprises can realize how much you can achieve annual sales, how many billion in sales, the industry believes that Internet marketing is really very impressive and efficient market.
Traditional enterprises blindly worship Internet thinking
This is some entrepreneurial enterprises or more active thinking enterprises are extremely concerned about the concept. Why do you pay a lot of attention to Internet thinking, and can not wait to “ apply knowledge ” because the Internet is a successful thinking of several enterprises demonstration role.
Traditional coating enterprises can learn some ideas, views and methods of Internet thinking, but they should not blindly worship, blindly follow the example. The success of any enterprise has its strong background resources, under the appropriate resource background, if you identify the marketing direction, to develop a scientific and effective marketing plan for landing, you can achieve marketing success. For the traditional paint enterprises, regardless of their own resource advantage if the background, up on the Internet thinking “ copy, ” not only do not like, it would be a waste of resources, delaying opportunities.
Traditional enterprise Internet marketing lacks systematic planning
Some of the traditional paint companies marketing belongs to the Internet chasing type, a micro-blog, that micro-blog is a good marketing platform, and then out of a WeChat, and that WeChat is a good marketing platform. As a result, such marketers Internet marketing into today’s micro-blog tomorrow, WeChat style marketing. You know, as the traditional paint companies marketing on the Internet, pursuit of innovative products, thus to develop programs for the Internet marketing business, it is Too Big for Her Skin.
A lot of businesses are basically this type. In order to Internet marketing attention, so every day on the Internet, the application of all young people playing they will try on a try, and always pay attention to some creative ideas on Internet marketing. So, when they saw the concept of social marketing, they think that social marketing is the Internet marketing, will require the company to increase efforts to carry out social marketing; when someone says he is content is king, the organization of a large number of copywriter, launched a series of Internet marketing; when people talked about Tmall Taobao. He will wait for their own business of Tmall Taobao shop on line. Thus, the Internet marketing of such enterprises, due to the lack of systematic planning, what has been done, or what hot what to do, the results are always stuck in the zero state.

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