The EU will launch the first robot law

112199887111121991238871211219982387 It is reported that a committee of the European Parliament will consider a draft resolution on robot management on the 12th.
The text may be the first basis for the European legislation on automation and robots.
American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov in his 1942 short “turnover” in the introduction of the “three law of robotics.”
The first of these laws is: “The robot can not harm mankind, or if it is not allowed to be harmed by human beings. About 70 years later, Asimov’s law is forming the principles of a draft resolution considered by the European Parliament.
Is not a legislative initiative, but a proposal to the European Commission to require the executive to draft a legal framework for civil robots, and if the text is approved, the first European-wide robotics law will be available.
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