The era of knowledge economy has an impact on sanitary ware marketing

[] with digital and network as the main feature of the revolution of science and technology, knowledge economy by the revolution of science and technology as the foundation, will have a profound influence on people’s mode of production, way of thinking, life style and behavior. Similarly, it will have a profound impact on enterprise management and enterprise marketing. The following are discussed in several aspects.
First, the impact on consumer demand:
The development of knowledge economy driven by technological revolution, on the one hand, makes social wealth develop rapidly. On the other hand, the standard of living of consumers is increasing day by day, and changes in consumer demand are as follows:
1, consumer demand tends to be personalized. Because of the knowledge economy, the educational level and cultural level of consumers have been generally improved, which makes the consumer demand and consumer behavior tend to be personalized. At the same time, the knowledge economy brings about the innovation of technology and knowledge, and thus guides the individuation of consumer’s consumption. As a result, it is a good choice for enterprises to adjust to a single and mass marketing mode in the old industrial economy, and turn to individual and diversified marketing methods.
2, consumer behavior tends to be rational. In the era of knowledge economy, because of the improvement of consumers’ cultural level and consumption concept, they can collect information about purchasing decisions comprehensively and quickly with the help of the developed information network. For example, consumers use computers and mobile phone consulting software to quickly collect information about products, and draw up and evaluate different purchase options, from which to select the best purchase decision.
3, the consumer demand change from low level to high physiological levels of demand, which is a transformation from material needs to spiritual needs, from functional requirements change to ecological and environmental protection and other aspects of health, such as consumers from the original functional requirements of the basic necessities of life to the lowest education, entertainment and aesthetics spirit demand change.
4, consumers face more product choices. Knowledge economy to promote the rapid development of the Internet, so that the foreign market to break through the boundaries, boundaries and time limits, buyers can search through the network and select the ideal sellers in any area, any time, occurrence of fierce competition among sellers, so that buyers can freely choose domestic and foreign sellers, consumers of products are becoming more and more critical thus, a single product standard commodity audience rate decreased gradually, the features of different styles of products will rise.
Second, the impact on the product:
First, the knowledge economy has greatly changed the denotation and connotation of the products. From the extension of the product, the era of knowledge economy not only industrial products, agricultural products has become a commodity, service, knowledge, information and technology have become a commodity, which is related with the knowledge of intangible products consumers become the main object of consumption. From the connotation of product, because knowledge has become the core factor of knowledge economy, the knowledge content in product has been improved. As a result, the measure of product value has changed, from the traditional to the material based and the knowledge based. Two is the knowledge economy with the core of information technology, information technology development limited to change rapidly, the cycle of product design, development and use of increasingly shortened, therefore, requires the development of new products, and quickly bring new products into the market, three words: very fast, and accurate.
Third, the impact on prices:
With digital and network as the main feature of the revolution of information technology, Internet is widely used, so as to enterprises and users negotiate face to face, will be the new trend of commodity trading business, and thus the existence of products according to the quantity and demand of customer orders, there is a flexible price to. In addition, according to the product process, technical characteristics, and related auxiliary conditions, the seller and the buyer can also negotiate pricing. In short, the pricing of future products will be more flexible and humane in the future.

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