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Generally speaking, coatings can be divided into two parts: architectural coatings and industrial coatings. According to the general definition, industrial coatings cover traffic coatings, other coatings and so on. Traffic coatings can be subdivided into automotive coatings, marine coatings, etc.. Architectural coatings include interior and exterior wall coatings. Wall coatings include interior coatings, floor coatings, furniture coatings, etc.. The following aspects of industrial coatings are introduced in many ways, covering the brand of paint, types and characteristics of the introduction. Let you spend the least amount of money, decorate the most beautiful home.

Brief introduction of industrial coatings

Industrial coatings are the pillar of the coatings industry, accounting for 60%-70% of the total output of coatings. Industrial coatings include traffic coatings and other coatings. The following coatings can be subdivided into automotive coatings, marine coatings, etc.. With the development of society, industrial coatings are developing in the direction of environmental protection, energy saving and health.

Types of industrial coatings

Industrial coatings can be divided into the following categories according to their application fields:

1. Automotive Coatings

The car paint refers to the coating in the body and parts of cars and other vehicles on, until 2012, Chinese car production reached 12 million units, a total of 480 thousand tons of automobile coatings, the car paint is about 240 thousand tons, 95 thousand tons of month repair paint, paint and parts of PVC chip resistance of about 135 thousand tons of paint.

2. Protective coatings for high-speed railway and urban rail transit

By the end of 2008, in the context of the financial crisis, the government resorted to 4 trillion Chinese generous policies to stimulate the economy. In this policy, 89% of the investment into the highway and rail and other infrastructure, high-speed rail construction is entering the peak period. Because of the special characteristics, high-speed railway lines need to be as straight and smooth as possible, so a large number of bridges and tunnels are needed. Because of the high requirement of corrosion protection and waterproof performance of high speed railway, it is necessary to use a large number of high quality and high performance protective coatings.

3. Protective coatings and marking coatings for expressways and large bridges

The highway has a large number of signs, including import and export notice, road signs, speed limits, height restrictions and other signs. These signs and the protective paint for their supporting columns are all part of industrial coatings.

4. Marine Coatings

Marine coatings are used in various parts of ships and marine engineering structures to meet the requirements of marine, marine atmospheric corrosion and marine biological adhesion and other special requirements. Today, China has surpassed South Korea and Japan as the world’s largest shipbuilding country, and the market space of marine coatings has been further developed.

5. Other industrial coatings

A few of these, as well as container coatings, industrial coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, marine oil drilling platform furnace, pipeline coatings, paints, coatings, electronic transmission tower plastic coatings, paint and other crafts.

Characteristics of industrial coatings

Now widely used industrial coatings mainly have the following: alkyd paint, amino paint, epoxy paint, polyurethane paint and acrylic paint, silicone lacquer fiber, fluorocarbon paint, etc..

Alkyd paint is a kind of air drying paint. It is not only suitable for brushing, but also for spraying. It has good comprehensive properties. Alkyd varnish has excellent gloss, weatherability, gloss and elasticity is also quite good, strong adhesion, high solid content, its film has good fullness, but a long time, not resistant coating on strong solvent, soft film, yellowing defects.

Amino resins are usually used in combination with other resins. They are not to be used alone. More common is the amino alkyd paint, the paint film is smooth and bright, light color, easy yellowing, high hardness, light, water, has a protective and decorative, high contrast, flexibility of the paint to slightly.

The properties of epoxy resin paint is excellent, with excellent adhesion and resistance to chemicals, corrosion resistance and water resistance, thermal stability is relatively good, but the disadvantage is that the poor weather resistance, easy to fly, with fullness is relatively low.

Because of its unique chemical structure, polyurethane paint has a variety of superior properties. First of all, its material and mechanical properties are good, coated hard, flexible, shiny, plump, wear-resistant, and strong adhesion. In addition, its smearing oil, acid, chemical resistance, and construction should be a wide range, a wide range of species, both single component paint, but also a two-component paint. However, most of the domestic polyurethane paint products contain more TDI free monomers harmful to human body, and the paint film is easy to yellowing.

Fluorocarbon paint is a kind of new coating material which is modified and processed by fluorocarbon resin. It has super weather resistance and chemical resistance, so its stability is the best in all resin coatings, there are &ldquo in the industry; “coating king &rdquo”. The properties of fluorocarbon paint are superior to those of the popular polyurethane, silicone and acrylic resins, and the outdoor service life is up to 20 years.

Industrial coatings brand

1, according to EKA

AKZO NOBEL (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the world’s largest coating company, AKZO NOBEL, the world’s leading ship and protective coatings brand.

2, PPG

In 1883, the United States, the world’s leading transportation vehicle paint \/ industrial \/ aerospace and packaging coatings manufacturer, Pang Beijie paint oil trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..


From Germany, the world’s leading provider of automotive coatings \/ general industrial coatings, is known as the world’s most admired chemical company, BASF (China) limited.

4 DuPont Dupont

In 1802, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, one of the world’s largest pesticide chemical and energy group, a large enterprise group, DuPont, App China Group Ltd.

5, Sherwin, Williams, Xuan Wei

In 1866, the United States, the world’s earliest professional coatings company, one of the world-renowned paint manufacturer, Xuan Wei (Shanghai) Coatings Co., ltd..

6, Valspar Valspar

In 1806, the United States, one of the world’s largest professional custom paint suppliers, leading brands, large multinational coatings enterprises, Valspar coatings (Guangdong) Co., ltd..

7, Jotun JOTUN

Founded in 1926, Norway, one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial coatings \/ marine coatings, the industry’s most influential brand, Jotun group.

8, KansaiPaint, Kansai

In 1918, Japan’s largest paint company, the world’s leading paint industry, the leading chemical coating brand, Kansai coating (China) Investment Co., ltd..

9, Haihong HEMPEL

In 1915, the world’s leading paint industry, leading domestic decorative paint suppliers, ten major industrial paint brand, Haihong coatings (China) Co., ltd..

10, Nippon Nippon

In 1881 Japan, the world’s oldest paint companies, the leading brand of paint, large multinational paint manufacturers, Nippon Paint (China) Co. ltd..

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