The concept of high quality coking coal

11.2998871111219982387 high-quality coking coal is the original coal ash <15%, sulfur <1%, strong adhesion, optional for the choice of coking coal, fat and coal.
High-quality coking coal for China's scarce coal, mainly distributed in Shanxi from Liu, Xiangning, Western Hills, Fenxi, Huodong, Hebei Handan, Kailuan, Henan Pingdingshan, Anhui Huaibei, Guizhou Liupanshui and other mining areas.
When the industrial coking, the main quality indicators of smelting coal have the following requirements:

○ 1 coal ash should be less than 10%; ○ 2 coal should be less than 1% sulfur; ○ 3 coal blending ash-free volatile general
In 25% -30%, both to meet the iron and steel industry, the need for metallurgical coke, but also as much as possible the production of chemical products.
The use of tamping coking process, with coal dry ash-free volatile points can be more than 34%.
○ 4 The thickness of the glial layer of coal blending is 15-20mm.
The glial layer indicates the amount of liquid that the coal generates when it is heated.
Blending must have a certain liquid material to bond other substances that can not be melted.

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