The coatings industry has entered the era of big enterprises

Nowadays, China is gradually developing into a big enterprise era, and large enterprises are constantly emerging, which play an active guiding role in the development of the industry. And the large Chinese enterprises participating in international competition are beginning to become more and more. Faced with the arrival of the era of big enterprises, coatings companies want to survive tenaciously, we should make a development strategy from the perspective of globalization, and constantly improve efficiency and strengthen technological innovation. Only the overall promotion of strength, coating enterprises can not be eliminated by the times.
The coatings industry has entered the era of big enterprises
As we all know, the property market and home building materials market has been described as the relationship between fish and water, the property market is good, home building materials market will naturally be good. Such market change is a favorable stimulus to the coating industry. At present, the “Matthew effect” of “strong, permanent, weak and weak” in the coating industry is produced during the adjustment period of the market. The market should be, let the real brand enterprises stand down, let the low-end of the lack of competitiveness of enterprises transformation. Relatively obvious change is that the current concentration of brands is getting higher and higher, large enterprises rely on brands and channels still strong, and maintain a high growth, while some small coating processing enterprises began to collapse.
Leveraging the capital market to guide the development of the industry
In the new economic normal, paint companies want from large to strong, whether it is from technological achievements, R & D transformation, or from the business model innovation, can not be separated from the capital market. Especially large enterprises have the basis of market resources and rare, and stronger in the road, but in the capital market to promote and lead, leading the entire industry, attract more capital investment. “Innovation begins with technology and becomes capital”, which is a prominent feature of global scientific and technological innovation in recent decades. Venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and the issuance and listing of capital market as the core provide a flexible and efficient market mechanism for the growth and expansion of enterprises.
Although the paint market suffered cold, although the real “skinny”, but the development of space is still very great paint market. With China’s macro adjustment to promote structural adjustment, promote the reorganization and integration of the paint industry, change the current China’s scattered production pattern, the industry production concentration, the era of big business is bound to enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises, in the international market competition Chinese strong potential in coating show.
Strengthening technological innovation from a global perspective
The era of big enterprises will promote a new round of mergers and acquisitions, and will accelerate the pace of international competition. In the process of globalization of enterprise management, enterprises can either allocate resources globally or become resources allocated by transnational corporations. In order to continue to grow and develop, the coating industry must set up a global strategy so as to better participate in international competition.
Participate in international market competition must be innovation and development to enhance profitability, the paint industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading of technology, have a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, to occupy the commanding heights of the world, leading the industry trend of technology. In short, the core strategy is to make technological innovation lead the industry.

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