“The Belt and Road sanitary enterprises” strategy to go abroad

[in recent years, cement, glass and ceramic industries are facing &ldquo in the building materials industry; to produce ” and “ to stock ” “ to reduce cost &rdquo. In the oversupply of the market situation, the building materials industry to lower production efficiency, open up the market and solve the dilemma? In this period, NPC and CPPCC “ ” “ number of members said, The Belt and Road ” strategy as the breakthrough point, to further expand the international market, speeding up China’s building materials industry to go out, ” “ is an important way to resolve the building materials industry overcapacity.
New economic growth point from excess production capacity
After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China’s economy has reached a new period of development, and its characteristics are the new normal. On the one hand, the economic development is very prosperous, and the foreign exchange reserves are rich. On the other hand, the economic growth from high-speed to medium speed, some industries began to produce overcapacity. A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Changchun Hongda information Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Wang Xin believes that in such a situation, Chinese more than ever need to go to &rdquo “.
“ The Belt and Road ” the construction of the economic zone including the interoperability of infrastructure, energy and resources cooperation with relevant countries, parks and industrial investment cooperation, trade and export of complete sets of equipment, construction of FTA, can also promote China’s accelerated reform and opening up, promote the transformation and upgrading in Eastern and coastal city with foreign investment to speed up the pace of revitalization of the northeast old industrial base.
From the two international and domestic market, with infrastructure construction as an example, on the one hand, some domestic provinces will launch &ldquo Belt and Road Initiative; ” related major infrastructure projects, on the other hand, the industry will accelerate the domestic cement industry to go out “ ” pace, help around the less developed economies to carry out infrastructure. Thus, the improvement of infrastructure will drive the economic prosperity of the relevant provinces and related countries and regions, and bring the economic prosperity of real estate, industry and commerce, which is a new economic growth point for the building materials industry.
The price can be popular with
CPPCC member and deputy general manager of Chinese Highway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Li Zhijun believes that the complete technology of China’s cement, glass, ceramics, new building materials and large equipment level are world class, but the price has great competitiveness, whether technology or price, are not inferior to other developed countries. “ The Belt and Road ” involved along the country in Central Asia, African industry due to the manufacturing level is still relatively backward, the German industrial 4 to undertake too difficult, and the most suitable Chinese manufacturing industry.
In the past China’s exports of clothing, footwear and other daily necessities. With the increasing cost of domestic production factors, some labor-intensive products such as life products have migrated to Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries. For example, some clothing, purses and so on, in the past are made in China, and now Bangladesh, Philippines manufacturing.
Now China began to export equipment and equipment and other production activities, from daily necessities to production activities across the export export, sell products from simple transition to overseas investment, foreign capital to build factories factory management, this is a historic step, a historic transformation. This fully illustrates the enterprise “ go out ” has moved from low-end to high-end.
Take China Sinoma International Engineering Limited by Share Ltd as an example, Sinoma has fully independent intellectual property rights of new dry process cement production line technology, the level of technology reached the international advanced level. From cement engineering technology research and development, to engineering design, professional equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, production line debugging, production line maintenance and operation management, such as complete industrial chain. From the last century in 90s to undertake the first ASEAN project started, Sinoma International insists on going out “ ” development strategy, continue with a number of international cement giant ASEAN cooperation, the cumulative construction of more than 30 cement production line, breaking the ASEAN cement engineering equipment market by Western companies dominate the world situation.

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