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Glass brick is a new, high-grade decorative materials, which is composed of pressing forming and welding and high temperature, the middle is vacuum, Jimei science, mechanics, optics, thermodynamics in one, its performance is not transparent perspective, heat insulation, sound insulation, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, exquisite design etc. which is widely used in hotels, families and entertainment etc.. The following small to introduce the advantages of glass bricks and glass brick construction process.

Advantages of glass bricks

1, flexible use

The use of glass bricks are flexible, multi-purpose, different specifications of the glass brick combination can show different aesthetic space, such as a bathroom with a glass brick, not only solve the moisture problem, and hazy implicative beauty. Cut off the use of glass bricks, there will be separated from the constant beauty of space. The balcony is built with glass brick facade, so that the rust resistance and corrosion resistance can be assured.

2, with high light transmittance and choice of fluoroscopy

High transmittance glass brick is the general decoration materials can not be compared with the glass brick wall has high lighting, glass brick also makes light through the diffuse so that the whole room is full of light and soft, solve the discomfort caused by sunlight. The sunlight passes through the glass brick wall to achieve two times of light transmission, and even the three light transmission, greatly improving the indoor light environment level, and the glass brick can cause the light to diffuse, thus enabling the indoor atmosphere to be stable and soft.

3, energy saving and environmental protection

Glass brick is sodium calcium silicate glass system, is by quartz sand (SiO2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone and other silicate inorganic mineral material melting high temperature transparent material, is green environmental protection product. Does not contain alcohol, benzene, ether and other harmful substances; not containing radon, &gamma exists in ceramic stone; ray radioactive material, non-toxic, no pollution, no smell, no stimulation, no body constitute any infringement. In addition, the glass brick does not generate light pollution, and can reduce the light pollution caused by other substances and can adjust the layout of the interior light.

4, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti condensation

Glass bricks are superior to ordinary double glazing in dust control, moisture proof and anti dew. Glass bricks also play an outstanding role in preventing atomization. For example, in indoor temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, humidity of 60% cases, outdoor temperature even at minus 2 degrees Celsius is not atomized, because of heat insulation performance, energy conservation, and because of non atomization and create a refreshing atmosphere.

5, high compressive strength, strong impact resistance, high safety performance

The minimum compressive strength of single glass brick is 6.0MN\/m2, better than that of ordinary red brick, and the strength of hollow brick is similar to that of hollow brick. Make the wall reinforcement, strong stability. The glass brick pellet impact experimental value is 1.2 meters \/45kg (maximum value), the impact force is 5~10 times of ordinary glass, impact strength of toughened glass is 1 meters from the \/1.04kg, impact force of the indicators of glass bricks than tempered glass is even better. Therefore, the glass brick also has high anti-theft safety.

6, sound insulation

The air acoustic power, sound insulation and spectral correction of glass brick walls are Rw (C:Ctr) =38 (0:-1) dB. Single glass brick structure can achieve sound insulation level 5 requirements. A double glazed brick wall with a distance of less than 50mm can meet the requirements of sound insulation grade 6. As a sound insulation material, whether it is noisy roads or around the factory, it can achieve good sound insulation effect. The noise on the road, when in low frequency areas (125HZ), can be adjusted to the level of quiet office, in the high frequency area (2000HZ), adjusted to the standard of night house. Therefore, the glass brick structure is an ideal way to solve the requirements of higher acoustical insulation.

7, heat insulation

Single wall glass brick thermal resistance R= 0.17m2*K\/W, single glass brick heat conduction coefficient K= 3.1W\/ (m2*K). In the summer and the place where the sunlight is strong, the use of glass bricks can achieve double effects of lighting and heat insulation.

8, fire prevention

Glass bricks have good fire resistance. According to Japanese regulations, the single wall is recognized and the type B fire doors have the same performance, and the double walls are admitted to have an hour of fire resistance.

Construction technology of glass brick

1, the preparation of materials required before construction, the general needs: glass brick, cement, sand, admixture (gypsum powder, adhesives, etc.), steel, silk felt, channel steel, metal profiles, boxes, etc.

2, white cement, fine sand, building glue, water, according to the ratio of 10:10:0.3:3 mix well into mortar.

3 、 installation of “ +” type or “ T” type positioning bracket.

4. Make bricks with mortar. From bottom to top, overlay by layer by layer.

5, after finishing, remove the excess plate on the positioning bracket.

6, with greasy knife pointing, and remove excess mortar.

7, timely use damp cloth to wipe the glass brick mortar.

Dimensions of glass bricks

The size of glass bricks, mainly has the following specifications: 115*115*70, 115*115*80, 145*145*80, 190*190*80, 190*90*80, 190*190*95, 197*197*97, 240*240*80, 300*300*100, 330*330*100, 500*500*100. Among them, the common specifications for 190*190*80mm, small brick specifications for 145*145*80mm, thick brick specifications for 190*190*95mm, 145*145*95mm, special brick specifications for 240*240*80mm, 190*90*80mm and so on.

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