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Ground heating is a common heating equipment at present. It has the advantages of health, comfort, high efficiency, energy saving, beautifying the living room and long service life. At the same time, there are some disadvantages, such as occupation of storey height, poor maintainability and regular cleaning. Next, small details for everyone to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of ground heating and floor heating maintenance methods.

Advantages of floor heating

1, health and comfort, because the ground heating, so that the indoor surface temperature uniformity, giving feet warm head cool comfortable feeling, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism. And not easy to cause foul air convection, make indoor air clean.

2, efficient energy saving, floor heating, so that the heat concentrated in the height of the human body benefit, and the heat loss in the transmission process is small. Moreover, the low temperature ground heating can also be stratified, divided into households and sub rooms. The users can adjust and control the energy separately according to the situation, so as to effectively save energy.

3, beautify the living room, indoor can not install radiators and pipes, you can make more space to facilitate the decoration and home furnishing, and reduce the sanitary corner.

4, the thermal stability is good, because the ground layer and concrete layer of heat accumulation, so the ground floor heat stability is good, and in intermittent heating conditions, indoor temperature changes slowly.

5, long service life, PERT pipe buried in the ground heating, good stability, no corrosion, no damage to the people, long service life, but also saves maintenance and replacement costs.

Ground heating shortcomings

1, electric floor heating with water heating, is a hidden project, once there is a problem, maintenance is more troublesome. Therefore, the general electric floor heating installation, in the entire installation, a number of links need to test acceptance.

2, toilet inconvenience laying, bathroom due to damp, so must do waterproof, and therefore inconvenience laying, must borrow group electric, heating, etc.

3, because of its temperature uniformity, so the interior appears more warm and dry, some people with poor constitution, it is easy to catch cold and get angry, so it must be used selectively.

4, heating the initial increase is relatively high, so this is also a choice for the owners.

Maintenance method of ground heating

1, floor heating cleaning

For users in the late warm maintenance is the most important for floor cleaning, cleaning purpose is to make the heating system run more smoothly, although do not need every month, but Xiaobian recommend is a cleaning 2-3. The main components include cleaning heating valves, filters and valves and filters to warm the channels, experienced users can operate, cleaning on warm channel please refer to: cleaning heating six Q six a.

2, regular inspection

In the use of warm during the period, we have to do a regular inspection of the ground heating, such as pressure gauge pressure is normal If the pressure is found to be too low or the pressure is abnormal, the new pressure test can be carried out. For example, the water separator and valve are loose If it is loose, you can tighten it with a six angle wrench, and you can also find a professional company to test it.

3, to prevent ground heating system damage

The heating coil is the most important part of the heating system, because it is hidden in the underground pipe, no quality damage can be used to buildings with the same life, but if you encounter man-made destruction, the repair will be more trouble. So Xiaobian remind the majority of users in the use of heating to protect the heating, is prohibited in the ground needle and drilling operation.

编辑总结:关于地暖的优缺点及Maintenance method of ground heating就介绍到这里了,希望对大家有所帮助。想了解更多相识,可以关注齐家网资讯。

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