Take the machine to make soybean milk step 0

Soybean milk is a kind of nutritious drink for all ages. It enjoys the reputation of “&ldquo” and “&rdquo” of vegetable milk. Is it easy to make soybean milk at home? Cooking machine to do soybean milk step, may be many people do not know, the following small series of simple description of the next machine, soybean milk step.

· tools for making soya bean milk

Tools: make soymilk with soybean milk machine

Raw material: Soybean

· cooking machine to do soybean milk step

1, take the amount of ingredients: assigned according to the type and quantity of measuring functional ingredients, note: in the production of corn, beans Soybean Milk wet Soybean Milk, please take good dry beans after cleaning, full immersion. (soaking time is 8-16 hours in spring and autumn in winter, 6-10 hours in summer, 10-16 hours in winter, 5-6 hours in spring and summer in summer in South China and 8-9 hours in winter). )

2. cups of ingredients: please take the amount of good ingredients or soaked beans, washed and put into the cup.

Add 3. cups of water to the body: add water between the top and bottom level.

4. installation of grain grinding: grinding device is installed according to the installation instructions from the direction of the arrow fine grain, grain grinding mouth part and the lower cover should be tightly without gap after installation, hand down, for real grain fine grinding, installation is in place.

5. make soy milk: please press the head in the correct position into the cup, connect the power cord, the function indicator light is all bright, press the required function key, corresponding to the indicator light, start the corresponding pulping process.

6. complete pulping: machine according to the procedures set by repeatedly beating and fully cooked, the electric heater and the motor stops working, the machine alarm prompt Soybean Milk ready. Unplug the power plug and get ready to drink.

The 7. filter Soybean Milk (only dry beans \/ bean Soybean Milk function): in the production of dry beans \/ bean Soybean Milk, slag slurry, boiled, nutrient release more fully, the user can according to their own preferences, to filter the Soybean Milk filter random, Soybean Milk can make the taste more delicate.

About the processing machine to do the soybean milk step related information, for everybody introduced here, hoped this article has helped to you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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