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The switch socket is an electric switch and socket used on the wall. It is a kind of household decoration equipment. It is a household appliance for connecting and disconnecting the circuit. Sockets and switches, each family in use, for the use of the family safe and convenient, some of the attention must be strictly enforced. The following Xiaobian introduce the installation of switches and sockets and switches, sockets selection strategy.

Specification for installation of switches and sockets

1 when the safety socket is not used, the installation height of children’s places such as nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools is not less than 1. 8m.

2, dark installed socket panel close to the wall, surrounded by no gaps, the installation firm, smooth surface clean, no fragmentation, scratches.

3 、 the installation height of the workshop and test room shall be no less than 0 of the installation height. 3M, sockets for special locations are not less than 0. 15m, the same indoor socket installation height is consistent.

4. The floor socket panel is flush with the ground or close to the ground. The cover plate is firm and sealed well.

5, switch installation position easy to operate, switch edge from the door edge distance 0. 15~0. 2m the switch is 1 of the ground height. 3M the pull switch is 2 to 3m away from the ground. When the height is less than 3m, the pull switch is not less than 100mm from the top of the roof, and the vertical of the pull line is downward.

6, the same type of parallel installation and the same indoor switch installation height is consistent, and control orderly, not dislocation. The adjacent spacing of the parallel mounted pull switches shall be no less than 20mm.

7, dark installed switch panel should be close to the wall, surrounded by no gaps, the installation firm, smooth surface clean, no fragmentation, scratches.

Installation order of switches and sockets

1, the first to find the switch on the drawings of the specific location of the socket, in the layout of the appearance of a bit like the English “ F”.

2. Draw a rough frame with the ready outside box of the outlet. This tool is very helpful for the tidy position.

3, the vertical direction of the measuring wire pipe wall distance walk distance.

4 measure the same width in the corner.

5, according to the location of the points measured just now, you can draw two vertical lines with elastic lines.

6. The cutting machine cuts along the elastic line.

7, drill out, open pipe right groove, groove depth, diameter and pipe, the pipe can accordingly, and open is neat reaction of a construction team level and experience.

8. Open a wire box opening and insert a joint outwards from the box.

9. Do the wire box and embed it in the wall.

10, a good pipe from the wire box to the ground distance, to ensure smooth bending, pipe is not broken.

11 connect the tube and the wire box, and the bend is just right on the floor.

12, the new pipe threading can not go to the wire, but if you wear expensive sound lines or long-distance wear line more standardized approach, you will need to use the wire.

13, first of the steel wire a hook, to prevent the tip of the pipe broken inside.

14, the steel wire slowly into the pipe, slowly push, avoid too fast and cause the pipe internal scratches.

15, steel wire from the other end out, and the wires twisted together, and slowly pull the wire into the pipe, the wire is actually the process of lead.

16, the wire to the wire box, the pipe between the use of matching joints.

17, as a hidden project, the interface must be closed, no damage.

18, the other end of the wire should be used in line with pressure cap protection.

19, the thread part of the standard approach is all hidden into the wire box, but the length of thread control is a detail of the problem, not many, many are considered the norm.

20, the line part is completed, after the measurement circuit is smooth and a series of acceptance, in order to use cement to fill up.

21, the ceiling of the wire threading process is basically the case, but generally due to the ceiling, the more is the lamp line, so just wear red FireWire and blue zero line.

Switch socket selection strategy

1, shell material, good brand general switch front panel and back base are made of PC material, and the general switch will use black nylon material on the base, the front panel switches are not poor PC material, instead of using the hybrid material or ABS material.

2, look at contacts, contacts, one depends on the size (the bigger the better), two depends on the material. There are three main types of contact, silver nickel alloy, silver cadmium alloy and Sterling silver. Silver nickel alloy is an ideal contact material. Silver cadmium alloy because cadmium element belongs to heavy metal, on the one hand harmful to human body, on the other hand, and silver fusion is not ideal. Sterling Silver contact, soft texture, easy to oxidation.

3, protective door, poke two holes with a screwdriver and a hole just below three side. With a bit of effort to poke into, that is, unilateral protection door is equal to no, this socket is obviously not safe enough.

4, look at copper pieces, copper pieces, one depends on the thickness (the thicker the better), GB thickness 0.6mm, a lot of low-quality switches only 0.4mm-0.5mm. TOT socket copper pieces are all over GB 0.7mm thickness. Two, look at the material, if the copper pieces are bright yellow brass, give up directly, brass is easy to rust, soft texture. The better material is tin bronze. The same is the Tin Phosphorus Bronze, there are also high and low points, many brands of copper pieces are several pieces of stitching, with rivet interface, good quality brands are integrated with non riveted tin bronze made of copper.

5, two or three inserted between the distance, many brands of two hole hole distance, plug the three holes, two holes into the display. When you buy a socket, you must see it clearly.

6, the load current, now more and more household appliances, the switch socket to meet the requirements of increasingly high, especially in electric power moments (many inferior switch socket is energized instantaneous large current burned). A good switch should be able to pass the 16A current, and the ordinary one can only pass through the 10A current.

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