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With the continuous improvement of people’s living taste, the living room sofa behind the blank wall has been unable to keep up with the trend of the times, more and more people like to use the sofa wall to draw decorative living room, highlighting the taste. Then sofa wall hanging wall painting Feng Shui, many people do not know, and then choose painting before you understand the sofa, background, wall hanging painting Feng Shui, following the small series together to see it.

Sofa wall painting, feng shui knowledge

1, the theme of hanging paintings can be based on water. The important position of sofa in the sitting room, as an important port of the country, must be able to pay water, can only thrive. A good harbor must have an extended bend on either side, such as the English letter “ U&rdquo. Bend like arms outstretched arms around and around, and the center is the place of depression of Qi Feng Shui, can hide the wind poly gas, to achieve a small financial booming.

2, the frame is best not to insert glass. Behind the sofa for a large mirror, people sitting on the sofa, others in the mirror can be seen sitting in the back of the head, it is bad. And if the mirror is not there, the back of the head does not reflect in the mirror. Therefore, when choosing to hang a picture, it is better not to choose

3, Chinese people often put several hanging paintings Feng Shui: Peony drawings, calligraphy and painting, symbolizing wealth and prosperity, very suitable for hanging in the living room, bedroom. Peony plots can be chosen in the north and south, not in the west.

The landscape paintings placed more stress, suitable for display in the full house party (the other side) or a living room chair, bed position on the left side of the mountain; flat round or hung on the calligraphy and painting behind the desk as “ &rdquo, can increase the noble patron;. Easy to hang in the living room, conference room, office seats, etc..

The eagle wings, usually hung in the study or living room, on behalf of a bright future, realize the ambition. Note: hang the picture after the eagle’s " mouth " should not be directed at the head of the person, so generally should not hang on the sofa, seat above.

· the main categories of selected paintings

1, classical poetry category. Calligraphy has block &ldquo in Feng Shui; door brake ” role, if you are worried about the living room door will flow into you, a pair of elegant calligraphy can be suspended.

2, all kind of birds and fish. The most common is the meaning of longevity health auspicious bird too, on behalf of the top gun Eagle figure, the goldfish swimming figure means felicitous wish of making money, especially in Guangdong generation, since ancient times has a “ water is ” &ldquo ” property; that, coupled with the symbol of year after year of goldfish, very auspicious.

3, Waratah group class. This is the owners choose the most types of patterns, whether it means climbs bamboo, or a rich atmosphere of peony, meaning everything or persimmon, embellishment in the living room sofa setting wall, give a person happy, full of feelings of wanton.

About sofa wall, wall hanging painting Feng Shui related information, for everyone here, and I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

The living room painting paintings

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