Smart toilet lid will be built in the next few years, the ecological circle of wisdom

[] intelligent toilet cover is the sanitary industry the most fiery of a class of products, to say it on the fire? China appliances Haier brother couldn’t help, at the beginning of this year reached heavily “intelligent toilet cover”, opened a piece of “cheese profit” business without boundary extension.
A reliable channel to the home appliances circle said, in addition to Haier, other home appliance giants including Midea, GREE, Changhong, Hisense and so on this area to maintain a high degree of attention, do not rule out the intelligent Home Furnishing strategic layout, will quietly enter this field. It can be said that the intelligent toilet lid should be in the next few years, become detonated appliances enterprises to border, and create an important ecological wisdom of the wind.
Smart toilet lid, and a new air outlet?
Heard of smart refrigerator, smart TV, smart washing machine, air conditioning, but you have heard of the intelligent toilet cover? I believe the first reaction of many people, certainly is the intelligent toilet cover is what ghost? Not to mention is in use.
That is to say, in the Chinese market now, the promotion of intelligent toilet covers is only just beginning, and it has not been popularized and consumed extensively. Even if someone wants to buy, it may not be able to buy their favorite products: first, the brand is not much, two is the market layout is not wide, less line, just online promotion.
Then in the online “equal to anything”, intelligent toilet cover what situation? The author found the search on the Taobao platform, intelligent toilet cover 30 kinds of brands, the price down to 1000 yuan, up to million yuan, the span is quite large. And the best sales of a smart toilet lid, it will sell 682 units.
Compared to other smart home appliances, this figure is totally negligible. In other words, the smart toilet cover in the Chinese market purchase rate and awareness is very low, is still an emerging product, has not attracted much attention in the market and users.
The healthy consumption tide is the intelligent toilet lid air outlet
However, in any age, health problems are always a matter of public concern. Now a lot of public areas such as shopping malls, parks and other places have adopted the squat toilet device type, rather than the toilet, the reason is very simple, the toilet need to come into contact with the skin, and in public places personnel mix, will inevitably not clean, people do not want to use.
At home, people tend to use the toilet as much as they like, and they feel the toilet is clean at home. In fact, there are a lot of tiny microbes that we can’t see with the naked eye on our toilets, cushions, viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites that cause infectious diseases.
With intelligent automatic toilet seat cover replacement of disposable sanitary film can solve the above problems, the microcomputer controller built-in automatic changing sanitary film, with the film through the destruction at the time of recovery, and the sanitary film unused is obviously different to non reusable purpose is to prevent cross infection may.
In addition, many people are not willing to cold the toilet, because just sit on the seat is too cold, and intelligent toilet cover heating function suddenly eliminated the concerns of the people. Clinical trials have also shown that the prevalence of women’s cervical cancer has decreased as well as the popularity of the use of intelligent toilets in japan.
Opportunities and pressures coexist in emerging markets!
Summarize the current intelligent toilet cover market, can draw three conclusions: one is that the market has just started to promote detonated, can say the prospects, great opportunities; two, participate in the market to snatch the manufacturers and brands, especially large enterprises and brands are less, can further expand the business space;
Three, the size of the market and cake is not large, the future can be made tens of billions or billions of market big cake, depending on the promotion of enterprises and market consumption habits, full of certain unknowns.
It can be seen that, in recent years, although the smart toilet cover by many home appliance manufacturers concern, but in some people’s view, this is also typical of bathroom products, rather than home appliances. However, intelligent implantation, bringing the toilet seat as home appliances intelligent parts of the new positioning and new role, but also to appliance manufacturers involved and promotion, open a certain market space.
Although toilet lid hits consumer demand, the point of pain that does not trust to individual health. The question is who will take this step forward and vigorously promote this emerging category. At the same time, because of the low consumer awareness and the difficulty of marketing, many small household electrical appliance enterprises are full of power, but the big household electrical appliance enterprises are still in the wait-and-see stage. This is both a challenge and an opportunity.
For many of the current household electrical appliance enterprises and home appliance dealers, how will such a smart product in the market: on the one hand, with the new positioning detonated intelligent terminal accessories products, in the background of the intelligent Home Furnishing, leveraging the intelligent toilet cover marketing and detonated; on the other hand, it can be used as a single new with the help of the appliance industry, the existing channel system and product promotion means, to carry out professional promotion and detonate.
Since intelligent toilet market has opened the door, then for holding a massive capital, brand influence, market channels and home appliance manufacturers, as they wait to take the initiative: try, although only 1% of the opportunity than do not try, never more!

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