Smart kitchen into a new growth engine in the home industry

[] this year, the concept of intelligent kitchen is rising again. Data show that in 2013 the European kitchen furniture consumption amounted to more than 11 billion 500 million euros, while China’s use of the cabinet family reached 31.7% in 2015, love the purchase of the whole cabinet is up to 69.2%; the next 3 years, the domestic custom cabinets market size will reach 123 billion 600 million yuan, 132 billion 700 million yuan and 142 billion 200 million yuan. With the improvement of domestic demand, the overall kitchen, especially smart kitchen market scale will continue to expand.
    as an important component of smart home, the future smart kitchen can not only realize the functions of kitchen environment monitoring and automatic space arrangement, but also realize the interactive communication between human and intelligent kitchen. Industry insiders pointed out that an important link to link the intelligent Home Furnishing intelligent kitchen industry chain, it will be in a stage of rapid growth, wood processing, artificial stone, metal, electric kitchen and other downstream integration specification, the perfect combination of intelligent technology, intelligent Home Furnishing wisdom of life to the consumer experience, is the industry’s new growth engine Home Furnishing.

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