Smart bathroom competition hot market norms, the relevant standards is the key

[] since intelligent products, all walks of life began to develop intelligent products accordingly, berserk cover from the intelligent toilet before the event can be learned by attention to smart bathroom in the ordinary people before. However, the emergence of intelligent products, it also represents a series of intelligent areas related to the implementation of standards, or will regulate the smart bathroom market environment.
Intelligent manufacturing and other standard system will be basically improved in 2020
Tian Shihong introduced the “standards of equipment manufacturing industry and quality improvement plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”) on the situation, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce to promote the &ldquo please Internet plus ” circulation; action on the situation, and a reporter asked. “The equipment manufacturing industry is a pillar and basic industry for economic and social development and a cornerstone of China’s overall national strength,” Tian said. Standard is the core factor of the quality and technology foundation of equipment manufacturing industry, and it is also an important means of industry management.
Said Tian Shihong interpretation of “planning”, “target plan” is mainly to deployment and promote the “2025” from the Chinese manufacturing standardization and quality promotion angle, considering the manufacturing characteristics of cross industry, cross regional, strong technology, according to the characteristics of standardization and the quality of the work of special planning, in five years for the period, put forward two goals:
To 2020, industrial base, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing standard system is perfect, the quality and safety standards and international standards to speed up standards, international standards in key areas and strive to achieve more than 90% conversion rate, key equipment quality reached the international advanced level; by 2025, the system of equipment manufacturing industry, service industry standard supporting system of cross-border integration of basic sound, greatly enhance the equipment manufacturing industry standards and the quality of the international influence and competitiveness, promote China’s transformation from a big manufacturing country to a manufacturing power, power quality.
Intelligent bathroom market needs industry standards and specifications
Production standards are imperfect, leading to intelligent bathroom products have no stability. Because smart bathroom is the new era of products and industries, so the “ intelligent ” concept, the industry has not formed a unified standard, different manufacturers of “ intelligent ” also has the concept of different positioning. Therefore, in the formulation and management called talent are lacking, currently on the market, sanitary enterprises in the production of smart bathroom is completely in accordance with their own ideas and mode of operation, which leads to smart bathroom on the market are lack in the product stability.
80, 90 become mainstream consumer groups
According to the data show that China’s smart home industry will increase at an annual rate of 20%, is expected by the end of 2014, China’s smart home market will reach 28 billion 610 million yuan in one fell swoop. As can be seen from the above data, there is a vast development of intelligent bathroom market. With the 80 and 90’s gradually become the main consumer groups in the market, and as the new generation living in the era of science and technology, they are more enthusiastic about &ldquo, intelligent &rdquo, and the enthusiasm of products. From the direction of consumer demand, “ intelligent bathroom ” compared to traditional bathroom products, or will be able to win the favor of young consumers.
Under the constant completion of the intelligent standards, the competitive environment of the intelligent bathroom market has begun to be better regulated. In the future market, only through constant purification and implementation according to standards, can we get better development, intelligent bathroom products may be able to usher in the peak consumption.

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