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A glass door clip is a hardware accessory that is mounted on the edge of a glass door for mounting other parts. Now the market sales of glass door clip products are diverse, such as song folder, word clip, top clamp, materials are different, but in general are dominated by metal. Then, what is the size of the glass door clip? The price of the glass door clip is expensive Let’s take a look at it.

Glass door clip price

目前市面上的Glass door clip price主要因品牌、型号、种类等的不同而有所差异的,因为玻璃门夹应用比较普遍,所以价格总的来说还算比较实惠的。下面来看看小编搜集的几款Glass door clip price,相信总有一款是适合你的哦。

Glass door clip price一

A 304 stainless steel decorative cover glass door clip, surface by manual polishing, edge smooth, anti bumping; the inner core is made of high strength Aluminum Alloy, durable, bearing up to 100KG, suitable for most of the glass door. The glass door clip has precise concave buckle. It is automatically pressed by automatic punching machine and is used closely with the ground spring to effectively prolong its service life. This glass door clip, the reference price is 49 yuan.

Glass door clip price二

A glass door clamp plate is made of high quality stainless steel fine to prevent rust, and more rugged wear, long-term use will not collapse, Alice, long service life; the surface of the cover plate through careful sanding polishing, more delicate and smooth, arbitrary angle can reflect the texture of products, make you more comfortable. This glass door clip, the reference price is 38 yuan.

Glass door clip price三

The glass door clamp is made of high quality stainless steel fine crafted, every after fine sanding polishing process, every detail that glass door clip is a perfect show in front of you, and the bearing capacity of super durable, oh, so don’t worry about the use of short service life of the glass door clip. This glass door clip, the reference price is 78 yuan.

Glass door clip price四

This glass door clamp adopts 304 stainless steel casting cover, which never rust, and wear sturdy, durable; the lock core adopts the high quality stainless steel, hardness of absolute guarantee; cover through the surface of the polished meticulous sanding, looks more smooth and delicate, let the whole glass door clamp instantly raised a notch. This glass door clip, the reference price is 98 yuan.

Glass door clip price五

The design of stainless steel plate over the rounded corners, so that the whole glass door clamp looks elegant and extraordinary, even if the long-term use will not cause any of the objects around the scratch damage will not affect the appearance of the use of it. Use this glass door clip to make perfect with your life. This glass door clip, the reference price is 50 yuan.

Glass door clip price六

The glass door clamp plate corner after excessive smooth grinding, will not cause scratches on any object around the door closer; the whole bearing capacity further increased, the bearing is more and more strong, its service life is more durable; the door clamp surface is still by sanding treatment, make it more smooth and bright. This glass door clip, the reference price is 65 yuan.

Glass door clip size

关于Glass door clip size,根据不同的型号规格,其尺寸都是各有不同的,并且按照不同的安装需求,Glass door clip size也是大有差异的。所以Glass door clip size需要具体问题具体分析,想了解的朋友可以去专卖店咨询专业人士哦。

以上关于Glass door clip size以及Glass door clip price就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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