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Many owners guarantee the quality of house decoration, to prevent indoor environmental pollution, to the formal building materials market, buy in line with national standards of decoration materials – green environmental protection materials. The following small details, green materials under the seven categories of it.

&middot: basically non-toxic harmless: refers to the natural, no or very few toxic and harmful substances, not contaminated, only a simple processing of decorative materials.
Such as gypsum, talc, sand and gravel, wood, some natural stones, etc..

· environmental protection wall: a new development of aerated concrete brick, used woodworking tools and cutting molding, with a thin layer of mortar masonry surface with a special nap paste noodles, with blocking effects of thermal energy storage.

· environmental protection wall: Grass wallpaper, wallpaper, Qiangbu hemp yarn and silk products, has the function of moisturizing, insecticide, health etc.. Anti mildew wallpaper through chemical treatment, excluding wallpaper in the air humidity or indoor and outdoor temperature difference when the emergence of mildew, foam, mildew and other phenomena, and the surface is soft, breathable good.

· environmental protection pipe: plastic metal composite pipe, metal pipe is the substitution of high-tech products, the two outer layers are of high density polyethylene material, intermediate for aluminum, excellent properties of both metal and plastic, and no rust, no pollution.

&middot: environmental protection paint: Bio emulsion paint, in addition to simple construction, there are many colors, can bring colorful colors to the home. After brushing will emit bursts of fragrance, you can also brush or use cleaning agents to deal with, can inhibit the mold inside the wall.

&middot: environmental protection lighting: This is a kind of energy saving, environmental protection for the purpose of lighting systems. Through the scientific lighting design, the use of efficient, safe, high-quality lighting electrical products, to create a comfortable, economic and useful lighting environment.

· environmentally friendly materials: grass brick is a kind of colored porous paving products, the use of recycled high density polyethylene. Can reduce the surface runoff, reduce the pollution of surface water, and can drain away water. Used in public facilities.

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