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General for living in the high floor tenants, no water at low pressure is often the case, at present most of the houses are part of the installation of booster pump, will use the tower to store water, so it is necessary to have a booster pump, booster pump, booster pump, the name is used for its use, mainly for pressurized water heater and tall low pressure, sauna, bath and other pressure in the apartment, the lack of water pressure, solar automatic pressurization, reverse osmosis water purifier booster and so on. The following to go home to understand the booster pump selection guide, and domestic pipe booster pump prices.

Guide for selection of domestic pipe booster pumps

1, according to the specific circumstances to choose model:

Booster pump has a characteristic, when the pipe water can not keep up with the pump flow, or more than the pump flow, the effect of pressurization will not be obvious. So choose the booster pump according to the specific circumstances to determine the model, such as pressure type electric water heater, because of its special device, you need a larger flow of water pump, otherwise it will be difficult to play a role.

The main parameters of the pump are power, lift, flow and so on. Water pump market is good and bad, mixed, many manufacturers in order to cater to consumers, the pursuit of high parameter psychology, in tagging parameters, often injected a lot of water. The hot water booster pump, there are unscrupulous merchants directly to the room that hot water. Such a pump to buy home for a long time in hot water environment, light will shorten the service life, and then cause electrical short circuit, leading to fire.

2, some reasons of low water pressure, not necessarily with the booster pump:

There are many reasons for the hydraulic pressure. If it is like the old water tank, the water pressure is not enough, and so on, it can be solved by installing a booster pump. For example, pipe aging, clogging, 90 degree elbow too much, will also cause water to reduce, but these reasons caused by low water pressure, booster pump to improve the effect is very limited. In addition, if installed a smaller amount of water purifiers, water consumption is too large, there will be less water flow, and some users take it for granted that a booster pump, of course, there is no effect.

3, understand the actual parameters:

Before choosing a pump, you should know more about the actual parameters of the pump, or you can get a preliminary understanding of it through books (or Internet). Such as actual head and actual flow, so as not to cause trouble. In case the seller is not told how to do? Haha, don’t worry! There is a coup, that is to see the volume, weight! No matter his pump power was marked how much and how high lift, lift, power and the same weight of the same size of the pump is similar.

Is there a more convenient way, you can choose to buy an easy direct consultation sales customer service, will provide your requirement to us, we will choose your pump for you.

Types of booster pumps

1, biogas type

Pneumatic booster pump is divided into gas-liquid booster pump, gas booster pump, booster pump principle is the use of large areas of low pressure piston to produce a small area of high hydraulic piston. The industrial field is used for clamping the machine tool chuck, inflating the accumulator, inflating the high-pressure bottle, reducing the pressure gas, converting to the high-pressure gas, etc.. All the air pressure is not high enough, both mechanical or test device, can use booster pump. Gas driven, arc free and spark free, for use in flammable, explosive liquids or gases. No matter what causes the pressure drop in the packing circuit, the booster pump will automatically start to supplement the leakage pressure and maintain the constant pressure of the circuit. Compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor, natural gas, etc. can be used as the driving gas source of the pump.

2, gas-liquid type

Automatic stop automatic reciprocating pump with single gas gas pump to achieve control non-equilibrium gas distributing valve to reach the pressure balance again after flooding by Aluminum Alloy manufacturing. The liquid receiving part is made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to different media, and the whole set of seals of the pump are imported high quality products, thereby ensuring the performance of the gas-liquid booster pump.

3, air type

The principle of air booster pump is to use the low pressure of large area piston to produce high hydraulic pressure of small area piston. Air booster pump used in the original air pressure system, to improve the pressure in the work environment, can work system air pressure increased to 2-5 times, just need to work system compressed air as air source can. The pump is suitable for pressurization of single air source. No power supply (used in explosion-proof areas). In the pump pressure range, adjust the regulating valve to adjust the intake pressure, the output hydraulic corresponding to the non-polar adjustment.

4, chlorine type

The pressure range of chlorine booster pump is large, and different pump can be used to obtain different pressure area. The input air pressure is adjusted and the output pressure is adjusted accordingly. High pressure can be reached, gas 90Mpa. Wide range of flow, for all types of pumps only 0.1Kg pressure can work smoothly, at this time to obtain the minimum flow, adjust the intake volume can be obtained after a different flow. Easy to control, from simple manual control to fully automatic control, can meet the requirements. Automatic restart, regardless of what causes the pressure drop in the pressure loop, will automatically restart to supplement leakage pressure and maintain constant loop pressure. Safe operation, gas driven, no arc and spark can be used in dangerous situations.

Working principle of booster pump

The first liquid booster pump is full, and then start the fast rotating impeller, centrifugal pump, impeller blades driven by fluid rotation, the liquid is rotated by the inertia to flow to the outer edge of the impeller, the impeller from the suction chamber into the liquid at the same time, in this process, the liquid flow around the blade impeller, the flow around the liquid movement in a lift in the leaves, leaves with a masterpiece in turn and the lift is equal and opposite to the force acting on liquid liquid, the liquid can be energy flow out of the impeller, the liquid kinetic energy and pressure energy were increased.

气液Working principle of booster pump类似于压力增压器,对大径空气驱动活塞施加一个很低的压力,当此压力作用于一个小面积活塞上时,产生一个高压。通过一个二位五通气控换向阀,增压泵能够实现连续运行。由单向阀控制的高压柱塞不断的将液体排出,增压泵的出口压力大小与空气驱动压力有关。当驱动部分和输出液体部分之间的压力达到平衡时,增压泵会停止运行,不再消耗空气。当输出压力下降或空气驱动压力增加时,增压泵会自动启动运行,直到再次达到压力平衡后自动停止。

Automatic reciprocating pump controlled by single gas to achieve non equilibrium gas distributing valve, pump gas flooding with Aluminum Alloy manufacturing. The liquid connection is made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to the medium. General pumps are intake, exhaust two mouth, in the air intake can produce below atmospheric pressure (that is atmospheric pressure) called “ negative pressure ”;

In the exhaust vent can produce higher than the atmospheric pressure called “ positive pressure ” for example, often said vacuum pump is negative pressure pump; booster pump is positive pressure pump. The positive pressure pump is very different from the negative pressure pump. For example, the gas flow, the negative pressure pump is the external gas is sucked into the suction nozzle; positive pressure is from the exhaust nozzle jet; for example, the pressure level.

Price of domestic pipe booster pump

Note: the above prices are for reference only.

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