Selection basin important, installation can not be ignored! Zero

Every family has to buy the basin, basin is important, but sometimes the installation is also very important, the bad will cause a lot of bad influence on the family life for a long time, and even endanger the health of family members. Then, what should be paid attention to basin installation?

How do you determine the height of the basin?
The installation position should be determined by the basin before laying tiles, and installed after the basin can’t move easily position, so everyone in the basin before installation, to determine the height of the basin is installed with caution. Perhaps everyone will ask, each basin has different depths, how to determine the height of the basin installed?

In fact, the height of the basin is installed is a standard, generally the washbasin standard installation height is 80cm~85cm from the ground, of course this is just the standard, or according to the specific installation height of average height and habits of family members to determine the general surface height of the basin would be more appropriate in the height of 1\/2.

Also note that the faucet flow intensity and basin depth is proportional to, if the purchase of the washbasin pool is deep and surface is very high, you can choose a strong water faucet, if the pond basin is shallow and the surface is very low, so you don’t choose the flow of the faucet, if there is no good collocation the faucet and basin, then wash things, it would be easy to splash into the body.
The installation is not the same in different basin
In the market, sometimes there are many sizes and styles, the common size is 585× 390mm, 600× 460mm, 700× 460mm, 750× 460mm, 800× 460mm, 900× 460mm, 1000× 460mm, 600× 155mm, 405× 410& times; 310× 140mm and other specifications, common style column type basin and mesa type basin;

Different specifications and styles of the basin, the installation will be different, such as the installation of the platform, the basin should be integrated into the table height and basin height, so the platform height of the platform is lower than the lower level.

Before you buy the basin, you should first measure the reserved area according to the actual conditions of the bathroom and the family’s habits, and then choose the appropriate basin in a reasonable range.

Coordinate the mirror selection, installation and basin
Generally speaking, if the purchase basin cabinet will configure the appropriate mirror, if it is to buy a single mirror, try to choose the appropriate size of the basin mirror, so the overall collocation will be more coordinated, installation of the mirror basin 20 cm distance.

The basin is equipped with the skills of selecting the most suitable height to make the basin comfortable and convenient to use.


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