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As the number of valuable timber gradually decreased, a series of common wood like rubber gradually moved into people’s field of vision. Although the furniture made of these ordinary wood products is not as precious and rare as the famous wooden furniture, its performance and price are more acceptable than those of famous wooden furniture. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood and the identification methods of rubber and wood.

Advantages of rubber wood

1, low cost

Rubber – often produced in the tropics and tropical plants generally had shorter growth period and low cost, made of rubber wood stairs cheap.

2, the color is simple and elegant

Rubber wood color pale yellowish brown color, the stairs made elegant, looks very soft and comfortable.

3, material hard

Rubber wood after processing, material is very hard, made of stairs hardness is higher.

Disadvantages of rubber wood

1, texture difference

Rubber wood does not have the unique wood grain like other wood, moreover the wood color is impure, easy to return black, has the variegated spot, the black spot.

2, easy deformation

Rubber wood is a tropical plant, the growth cycle is short, density and hardness are not enough, the material is very general, so susceptible to humidity, temperature and other effects of deformation.

3, feel bad

Rubber wood is loose, rough, feels the feeling is very poor, unlike other wood slippery.

4, have peculiar smell

Rubber wood has peculiar smell, changeful color, cause skin allergy easily, the person that weak body allergy should not use.

Rubber wood identification method

1, oak and rubber wood are not the same product. Oak and rubber wood are very similar in shape, color, and weight, so that customers can hardly distinguish between them. It is said that the true oak is divided into domestic and imported two kinds of imported oak and white oak two dividend, but the two kinds of color difference is not very obvious, domestic oak inferior imported to Yunnan, and Hainan in recent years, also called oak oak and oak. Rubber trees grow in the tropics and are used for rubber. Some of their wood could not be made of furniture, but now it is used for furniture as a result of technical improvements. But rubber, wood and oak are not the same tree products, the material is not a grade.

2, oak and rubber wood prices vary greatly. Oak and rubber trees are not only of the same tree, but they are also very different in price. Oak worth a lot of money, the price per cubic meter up to the million, rubber wood also domestic and imported two kinds of domestic rubber wood timber price in 3000 yuan \/ cubic meters, imported rubber wood timber price in 6000 yuan \/ cubic meter. In the purchase of oak products must distinguish, avoid shoddy business.

3, oak should pick the true color. Although the rubber wood color, component and oak are similar, but the oak has a unique pattern of &rdquo, “ Yamagata; and rubber wood does not have, which can be used as a standard difference.

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The advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood rubber wood

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