Routine maintenance of line air conditioner

Precision Air Conditioning is an important part of the data center computer room, it is the nerve center to regulate the climate of the engine room. It is precisely because of its importance, so we have to focus on maintaining it in their daily work, the following for HUAWEI to share the daily maintenance of the downlink level of experience.

1. maintenance of water-cooled condenser
Eliminate condenser and non condensable gas and oil.
According to the operation condition of the cooling water system of the precision air conditioning, the cleaning device and the water filter set in the cooling water tower and the pipeline system are cleaned regularly. To strengthen the detection of the cooling water quality of precision air conditioning, and found that the deterioration of water quality, to be used in the cooling water system in part or all of the replacement. Pay attention to the scale of the heat transfer tube in the condenser of precision air conditioner. If the fouling is serious, it should be cleaned in time. In order to reduce the scale, appropriate scale inhibitor can be added to the cooling water. We can also use the water treatment of cooling water.

2. maintenance of air-cooled condenser
For the normal maintenance of the air-cooled condenser of the precision air conditioning system, it is necessary to clean or clean the heat transfer surface regularly according to the ash deposition on the heat transfer fin.
3. maintenance of evaporator for cooling air
The utility model can be used to remove or flush the ash accumulated on the heat transfer plate of the evaporator on a regular basis, and the evaporator is used in the cold storage in a timely manner according to the thickness of the frost layer on the pipe surface
4 other auxiliary equipment maintenance
Dry filter: always pay attention to the indicator of liquid flow on the refrigerant water content, when it is indicative of light red, dry bath filter desiccant failure, should immediately replace the desiccant. Intermediate cooler, gas liquid separator: regularly check the float valve and blow up and pressure test when the unit is overhauled.

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