Rosewood furniture younger, 80, 90 percent into the largest consumer groups

[] with the social progress, mahogany furniture also keep up with the trend of the times, the emergence of young series mahogany furniture furniture market, it is also ready for a lot of 90 called young consumer groups, mahogany furniture will undoubtedly become an important trend. A large number of rosewood furniture big brands have launched a series of young products, fashion design, simple, elegant colors, style leisure. In this year’s thirty-second Dongguan Houjie furniture exhibition, the major mahogany enterprises are focused on promoting its development for 80, 90, New Youth exclusive series of mahogany furniture. Rosewood furniture industry lively “ younger ” trends have become increasingly fierce, the goal is directed at 80, 90 customer groups.
2014, mahogany furniture market began to hit “ young brand ”. Seize the young market, began to become China’s rosewood furniture market in 2014 an important cutting-edge signal, and will be in the next few years domestic rosewood furniture market trends have important impact. Insiders pointed out that, in our country, young people in 80, 90 of the main body has become the main force in the workplace, the crowd seems to have a certain economic capacity is the main consumption, in the three quarter of 2014 Home Furnishing consumers in the age distribution, 25— 35 year old consumer proportion is 64%, showing the young age structure characteristics of Home Furnishing consumer groups.
Mahogany furniture industry also took a fancy to this group of potential consumer groups, began to develop strategies from product design, marketing and other aspects, to meet this group of consumer groups. Such as wardrobe, bed products, tables, leisure chairs, etc., in the design is more inclined to seize the young people’s mentality, both applicable, warm, and without loss of movement and jumping. With the rise of 80 and 90 home consumers, the existing products have been unable to meet them, and the emerging consumer groups have also brought new trends for the design of customized home products, and the younger design is hot.
Customized market demand
Once upon a time, private customization was synonymous with luxury goods. It was a basic means and an important terminal sales model for many luxury goods to highlight the deep meaning of their brand culture. But this sales model has also been popular in the major industries in recent years, and the rosewood furniture industry is no exception. According to the mahogany furniture enterprises, choose Custom mahogany furniture, from the material, style design, can be customized according to the requirements of consumers, and even some enterprises also hired a designer, can be decorated according to consumer family style for consumers to design different style mahogany furniture.
Dongguan mahogany furniture store official told reporters: “ now many young consumers love to buy customized mahogany furniture, the main reason is given to the room with the overall coordination degree of Fangxing furniture, mahogany furniture into the household, the owners should first consider the size of the furniture, so have the economic strength of the customers would rather spend a money select tailored mahogany furniture, but the size of reasons, there are some consumers choose Custom mahogany furniture to meet their individual needs, may the carving process on the market or style design is not what they want. ”
Internet marketing is poised to take off
Mahogany furniture industry not only more and more emphasis on product design, &rdquo “ young; the way in marketing is also influenced by the younger, Internet marketing began ready, ready to get more market share. For example, now the market has sprung up mahogany furniture online purchase platform, to achieve mahogany furniture products online, offline display sales combination, which will seize more young people’s hearts.
It is understood that in the network platform gathered around the country many high-quality manufacturers, tens of thousands of product styles, comprehensive information, accurate. Procurement buyers need only input the keywords, the relevant information can be obtained from all over the country all the products, including pictures, price, reputation and the contact strength of enterprises, so that consumers purchase more time-saving, clear and convenient. &ldquo: 80, 90 is a generation growing up with the Internet. They are important decision-makers in the family’s shopping, and seizing them is like seizing the market ” an industry official admits.

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