Related concepts of chemical coal

Anthracite is a high degree of deterioration of coal, is the main chemical coal, carbon production is also an important raw material.
High-quality anthracite mainly refers to the ash (%), sulfur content <1%, optional anthracite, mainly distributed in Shanxi Yangquan, Lu'an, Jincheng, Henan Jiaozuo, Yongcheng and Ningxia Rujigou and other mining areas.

Coal chemical main application of coal as raw materials, production of chemical products, the main application of coal liquefaction technology.
Coal liquefaction is divided into direct liquefaction and indirect liquefaction, can produce alcohol ether, olefins and other chemical raw materials.
The basic requirements of direct liquefaction on coal quality

low ash, the general ash is less than 5%; good grinding, high hydrogen content, low oxygen content, sulfur and nitrogen and other heteroatom content as low as possible.
Coal and rock composition is also a major indicator of liquefaction.
The higher the composition of the silk, the better the liquefaction of the coal; the higher the amount of vitrinite, the liquefaction activity is poor.
Direct liquefaction of coal is generally lignite, long flame coal and other young coal.
Shenhua’s non-stick coal, long flame coal and Yunnan pioneer lignite are better direct liquefied coal.
112199881121121998238711219919912319982387 ② indirect liquefaction of the basic requirements of coal

coal indirect liquefaction is coal gasification, generate H2 / CO feed gas, and then in a certain pressure and temperature plus catalyst, synthetic liquid oil, so the requirements of coal is relatively low
1, coal ash is less than 15%.
2, the grinding of coal is better, the water is low.
3, for the use of coal-water slurry process, requiring coal slurry performance is better.
The solid concentration of coal water slurry should be above 60%.
4, coal ash melting requirements.
Fixed bed gasification requirements of coal ash melting temperature is higher, the better ST is not less than 1250 degrees Celsius; liquefied gasification requires coal ash melting temperature ST less than 1300 degrees Celsius.

In industrial applications, the different sectors of coal and process requirements applicable to coal is different in the following table: Table 1

different process requirements for coal industry and coal


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