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With the development of the times, the concept of environmental protection and space saving concept has been gradually applied to the home decoration, the sliding door is so popular, but in the face of the market in the sliding door of the uneven quality of products, consumers should be how to choose? The following for you to resolve high-quality sliding door purchase skills.

Sliding door frame material
谨慎挑选Sliding door frame material

In the sliding door market, the border material can be divided into carbon steel material, aluminum magnesium alloy, titanium magnesium alloy and so on. The advantage of carbon steel products is that the surface adhesive film is rich in color and the disadvantage is that it is easy to rust. The aluminum magnesium alloy is the aluminum alloy with the magnesium decorative layer on the surface, and the titanium magnesium alloy is a kind of high strength aviation material. Metal titanium has high strength, small proportion, high toughness and so on, so the price will be more expensive. The focus of the market debate mostly concentrated in which the product is genuine titanium magnesium alloy, in general, in the selection we can use a finger tapping frame, titanium magnesium alloy material of the sound more crisp, stronger sense of metal. Due to some small factories with titanium magnesium alloy “ ” banner, consumers should be more vigilant, in addition to the above method, if necessary, please report to purchase business to produce commodity inspection department.



Safety glass
选择Safety glass很重要

The quality of the glass is the key factor to determine the quality of the sliding door. The glass purchase advice is the best choice even if broken will not hurt people’s good glass sliding door with glass is glass, the compressive strength is higher than ordinary glass, especially at the time of the accident, a glass particle breakage, will minimize the damage, high safety factor, have children or the elderly at home more to consider the problem of security.

The sliding door of glass sliding door

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