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PVC ceiling is PVC plastic gusset plate as raw material for ceiling decoration, so that the ceiling of water, scrub ability, compared to aluminum alloy ceiling, in the sense of texture and decoration, and lower cost. PVC ceiling also has good thermal insulation performance. The following small series for everyone to introduce PVC gusset plate ceiling characteristics and PVC gusset ceiling installation steps.

PVC gusset ceiling features

1, light waterproof, acid and alkali resistance

PVC gusset plate is not only light weight, waterproof and moisture-proof, but also has the characteristics of acid fast and alkaline. It is an ideal material for installation in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling. General PVC gusset plate ceiling is also the main selection of kitchen and toilet ceiling.

2, the price is reasonable

PVC Kouban ceiling material is more common, the price is also compared with other such as gypsum board ceilings, ceiling panels to a much lower price, is one of the most popular decoration materials.

3, non-toxic, harmless, good environmental protection

A lot of people are worried about the smell of toxic material PVC, the fact that the big brand PVC Kouban ceiling is completely non-toxic and tasteless, no stimulation to the skin and respiratory system, for those of timber and paint allergic people, PVC Kouban ceiling is very suitable to use in the kitchen or bedroom.

4, convenient installation and disassembly

PVC buckle ceiling profile is easy to install, and if damaged, it is very convenient to update. As long as the end of the strip is removed, the plate will be taken from the bar, replace the damaged plate with a new plate, and then reinstall the pressure bar. However, in the replacement, we should minimize the PVC buckle ceiling material color difference.

PVC gusset plate ceiling installation steps

1, according to the design elevation in the wall around the line, the bomb line should be clear, accurate position, the level of allowable deviation ± 5mm.

2, along the standard high speed fixed edge keel, the role of the edge of the keel is the edge of the ceiling sealing, side keel commonly used specifications for 25*25mm, its color should be the same as PVC gusset plate, side keel with more cement nails fixed on the wall column.

3, to determine the location of the keel line, because each PVC gusset plate are already shaping decorative panels, generally not cutting block, in order to ensure the integrity and reliability of the decorative ceiling installation, according to the size of aluminous gusset plate, the structure size and size to arrange the ceiling ceiling skeleton. The basic arrangement of the PVC gusset plate is: the plate assembly should be intact, and the sides of the stay edge should be symmetrical and uniform when the four sides are left. The arrangement of the keel position line shall be painted on the top of the mark line.

4, the main keel hanging point spacing, according to the design recommended series selection, the middle part should be arch, keel camber height is not less than the room surface span of 1\/200. After the main keel is installed, the position and height should be corrected in time. To control the formation of the keel, the vertical and horizontal elevation control line should be pulled out first, and the suspension height of the boom will be adjusted from one end to the other. After the large surface has been leveled, the single keel with bent edges should be adjusted until it is smooth and meets the requirements.

5, straight and hangers should be sufficient bearing capacity. When the boom needs to take a long time, must lap weld, weld uniform full. Rust prevention treatment, the boom from the main keel end shall not exceed 300mm, otherwise the hanger should be added to avoid the main keel falling, the second keel (middle keel or small keel, the same below) should be close to the main keel installation.

6, the overall adjustment of the main and secondary keel position and level. Connector should be misplaced installation, check the installation of the ceiling frame should be solid and reliable, in line with the relevant specifications, the next step can be carried out before construction.

7, the installation of PVC pinch plate, should be secondary bone straightening. The buckle shall be flat and shall not warp, and the ceiling shall be flat and the error shall not exceed 5mm.

PVC pinch plate shopping

1, PVC plastic gusset plate section is beehive shape, this also is to distinguish PVC plastic gusset plate and aluminous gusset plate the most direct method. When picking, pay attention to whether the PVC plastic pinch plate is smooth on both sides, and there is no fluctuation or height difference;

2, bending by hand, no deformation, elastic; hand tapping surface, sound crisp, indicating that the material toughness. Poor PVC plastic buckle is very fragile, and even a little break on the split;

3, PVC plastic buckle if there is smell taste, if there is obvious pungent smell the poor environmental performance requirements; production or distribution unit to produce the inspection report, and special attention should be paid to the oxygen index is unqualified, it must be greater than 30, is conducive to fire.

4, PVC plastic gusset surface to smooth, color patterns should be clear.

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