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As everyone knows, is a flat putty wall surface decoration materials, for the removal of the wall surface on the uneven surface of the defect, but the use of people in the Home Furnishing decoration in the putty has several, the most common are gypsum putty, cement based putty, glue old powder etc.. The following small series for everyone to introduce the types of putty and putty powder role.

Types of putty

1, cement putty: Portland cement as the main material in the cement putty putty, the characteristic of high strength, high hardness, but the fatal flaw is that it is rigid, brittle, easy to crack. Mainly used for exterior walls (also used for interior walls), characterized by large surface strength.

2, crack putty: the strength is not so high, but can resist wall cracking, to prevent cracks.

3, waterproof putty: waterproof putty is a kind of building putty, especially can reach “indoor construction putty” standard N type, that is waterproof putty standard of a kind of putty. “Building interior putty” is the indoor building putty products must reach a minimum standard, so there are less than the standard requirements of putty are unqualified products, prohibit the sale and use.

4, the big white putty: we often say that big white, also known as talcum powder, putty powder, is on the wall leveling the family decoration materials, adding cellulose, white latex and water in large white, knead thick, with number of wall surfaces, the roof, in order to prevent the crack, off, on the bottom can be coated with a layer of interface agent.

5, flexible putty: flexible putty is made of high quality cement, filler, synthetic polymers and selected additives is configured according to the flexible putty and waterproof performance of different, divided into common type, flexible putty for exterior wall putty crack, flexible type and waterproof putty putty for exterior wall. When in use, add 30% water to mix evenly. The utility model can be normally constructed under sunlight and weather conditions, and has the advantages of high cohesion, smooth surface, water resistance, moisture resistance and the like. Applicable to the cement mortar, concrete, gypsum board and Eterpan substrate, and all kinds of building external wall.

6, elastic putty: “ elastic ” the meaning is that there is a certain tensile force. Elastic putty is mainly used for Zhaobu wall gap, because it has a certain tensile force, the wall cracks in affected by temperature, humidity, and other external effects. And then change, no cracks in the wall. But beyond a certain limit, there will be cracks, which are white cement + talc + cellulose + elastic acrylic emulsion, generally used for certain music effects or sound insulation of the interior walls.

Precautions for putty

1, in order to have a good effect, the best in the putty before primer coated.

2, scraping putty, we must control the tool slope, painted evenly.

3, in order to avoid the emergence of cracking and peeling putty phenomenon, scraping should not be too thick, according to the different types of putty for proper control, the thickness is generally around 0.5-1mm.

4, do not repeat too much scraping.

The function of putty powder

1, landscaping function

In the coating project, the user requires not only the wall surface is smooth, but also requires smooth and delicate. Special parts of paint on the wall smoothness requirements higher. In order to improve the smoothness, the performance of putty base must be improved.

2, to overcome the role of turtle cracks

On the surface of a building, especially outside the walls, often appear surface fine cracks caused by the contraction of the cement, form a tortoise, called &ldquo ” crack; crack often caused by coating shell, fall off, and even cause the wall seepage. Therefore, the anti cracking and anti cracking of putty layer is an important index of putty quality, and also is the focus of technical research and development of putty manufacturers.

3, fill up the role

Smoothness is the most basic requirement for painting, so filling is one of the basic functions of putty. Irregularities are common in construction. For example: cement mortar surface uneven, part of the wall is not smooth, or ceiling in the light of the general wave shape, affect the beauty of the building.

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