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Push and pull glass door is a kind of glass door. It adopts the push and pull way to open and close door. It has the characteristics of good lighting, easy to use and easy to maintain. It is widely used in shops, houses and so on. Then, is the price of push pull glass door expensive? Next, let’s get a look at the push and pull glass door, and what about the price of the push and pull glass door.

The advantages of sliding glass doors

1, the separation space, the basic function of the door is to split the space, push and pull glass door is no exception, the space is limited to the role of segmentation. The biggest advantage of the glass sliding door is that it keeps the space flowing and the layer is more abundant. At the same time, it has good lighting and keeps the overall sense of space!

2, increase the elasticity of space, the sliding glass doors in accordance with the requirements, structure, decoration style, start or move at any time, space or break, also will be larger or smaller, with the intention of more flexible, so that we can have some free space in the space requirements, increase flexibility, push pull door glass door is replaced, you want to expand the space, the light is enhanced at the same time, can choose its own sliding door increased Home Furnishing taste of life.

3. Blocking sight, sliding door in accordance with its material transparency differences, with varying degrees of blocking the role of line of sight. Different requirements on the visibility of different functional areas, will be divided into small space space through a partition should also be considered when the lighting problem for sliding doors and good reading area available light lighting requirements higher, for certain lighting, permeability not too good, can choose some semi transparent sliding door, such as to meet the lighting requirements, but also can hide a sight.

4, appropriate sound insulation, push and pull glass door has certain sound-absorbing effect, can reduce noise, play a good role in quiet life.

Push and pull glass doors have different functions in different places

1, partition push and pull glass door

Partition push and pull glass door fashion leisure, easy to open, waterproof, moisture-proof, do not fade, never rust, sound insulation effect is good, green environmental protection, you can access the limited space at the door to maximize the use of.

2, balcony push and pull glass door

The balcony push and pull glass door is a push and pull glass door installed on the balcony. It has the advantages of good lighting, convenient access and easy cleaning.

Dimensions of push and pull glass doors

Dimensions of push and pull glass doors一般单门是800*200mm,双门750*2000*2mm,厚度一般为5、8、10mm。

Price of push and pull glass door

以上关于推拉玻璃门以及Price of push and pull glass door就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。如果大家还有其他什么不明白的地方,欢迎大家留言提问,我们将会尽快为您解答!更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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