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As a new type of decoration material, polyester fiber acoustic panel is a common sound-absorbing material. It is changeable in shape and rich in color, and can be used as decoration material directly. Harmless to the human body, can create a quiet and comfortable work life space. The utility model has the advantages of strong decoration, simple construction, and various shapes can be changed through woodworking machines. Next, we introduce the characteristics of polyester fiber sound-absorbing panel and the selection of polyester fiber sound absorbing board.

Characteristics of polyester fiber sound absorbing board

1, sound absorption: 100% polyester fiber by high technology hot pressing, and to cocoon cotton shape, in the 125&mdash, 4000HZ noise range, sound absorption coefficient of 0.94.

2, decorative: supple, rich natural materials, texture experience, a variety of alternative modern colors, simple decorative modeling.

3, insulation: special sound-absorbing mechanism, created a good insulation performance, so as to create a very comfortable constant temperature space.

4, flame retardant: polyester fiber fire retardant materials, excellent flame retardant, fire performance, national B1 class fire detection report.

5, environmental protection: polyester fiber close to the natural color and characteristics, national inspection institutions issued formaldehyde safety certification, the real sense of green environmental protection products.

6, light body: 229 kilograms per cubic meter, 2.07 kilograms per square meter, the real light exquisite.

7, easy processing: art knife cutting at random, with a variety of color matching, simple stitching, corner of the simple processing, perfect art drawings and different styles can easily be reflected.

8. Stability: good physical stability determines not to expand and shrink due to changes in temperature and temperature.

9, impact resistance: submissive, natural texture, high elasticity, under the impact of huge external force will not break, and can withstand the stadium and various sports venues arbitrary impact.

10, independent efficiency: no sound absorbent cotton, without decorative panels, and even without auxiliary materials, through simple sticky, drilling, planing, nails and other basic operations, you can achieve the desired effect of sound absorption and decorative effect. Reduce overall construction cost and construction period.

11, maintenance simplicity: easy to dust removal, simple maintenance. The dust and impurities, vacuum cleaner and duster flick can. The dirty place can also be wiped with towels, water and detergent.

Selection of polyester fiber acoustic panels

1, we identify the best sound-absorbing panels, from one side of the best from the bare mineral wool sound-absorbing board specific to observe the quality of mineral wool, mineral wool color is uniform, consistent, this is a basic method for the quality identification of sound-absorbing panels.

2, sound-absorbing board performance is the most simple embodiment of sound-absorbing board quality standards, the sound-absorbing board sample label, manufacturers generally will produce corresponding sound-absorbing panels, including its sound-absorbing performance index, fire performance index, insulation performance index, moisture-proof performance index, to ultimately determine the quality of the sound absorption board

3, look at the brand, brand goods, in order to ensure its products, equipment, processes, technical personnel, pre-sales, sale, and after-sales service brand quality, so that the quality of sound absorbing board will be quality, after-sales service protection.

4, the product weight, different product weight is not the same, the density is not the same, and its quality is not the same. But not to say that the weight of the quality must be good, but also with the actual to see.

5, look at the appearance, appearance, color appropriate, look comfortable, smell of natural wood flavor, followed by fire, flame retardant, as well as waterproof advantages, see its workmanship, mother groove surface is relatively fine, not rough, and vice versa.

6, high-quality sound-absorbing board can do some Cuoceng modelling, customers can then be modified and modified according to personal preferences, which is generally small sound-absorbing board manufacturers design does not come out.

The use of polyester fiber acoustic panels

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board suitable for opera, theater, studio, recording studio, studio, room, television, radio, business hall, multi-function hall, conference room, hall, hall, auditorium, gymnasium, hotel, KTV BAND, senior housing, villas or Home Furnishing life etc. more stringent requirements of the acoustic place.

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