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The partition wall, with its lines and blocks of visual segmentation, shapes a simple, simple, layered, transparent, smart and comfortable human indoor space. So what’s the material for the partition wall? What about the partition wall effect diagram? The following with small series together to understand it!

Partition wall effect drawing

What materials are used for the partition wall?

The partition wall material generally has the following several kinds: the quality of light brick, glass brick, glass, wood and gypsum board, of course, wall cabinets, goldfish, the screen can also be used to do partition. Partition wall materials should consider many factors such as fire prevention, moisture resistance and high strength.

Partition wall effect drawing

Glass brick generally used for kitchen wall partition, waterproof, fire prevention, light transmission, whitewash, suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, can resist moisture, but also to bring the natural light of the room. If you think the glass brick is too expensive, choose other materials, but also pay attention to its waterproof performance, can be painted waterproof coating or paste ceramic tile to strengthen its waterproof.

Partition wall effect drawing

The combination of glass and wood frame, glass and Aluminum Alloy frame combined partition is popular in twenty-first Century, mainly used in between the living room and dining room or dining room and kitchen, the glass is transparent, so as to distinguish the space partition, the purpose of vision is not blocked, ten transparent. The utility model is especially used between the kitchen and the dining room, which effectively blocks the lampblack and can see the kitchen from the dining room, and the vision is unobstructed.

Partition wall effect drawing

Gypsum board as partition material, in the decorative pattern of great creativity, full of three-dimensional sense, and fire performance is superior, the price is cheaper than other materials. Consumers in the selection of gypsum board as partition material, from the design, manual and finishing treatment of three aspects. The design of gypsum board can be flexibly customized according to the needs of customers. The style is diverse, but the requirements of decoration handicrafts are higher, so we should find a professional decoration team for construction.

以上关于What materials are used for the partition wall?以及Partition wall effect drawing就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。


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