Partition wall material, partition material how to choose 0?

With the continuous reduction of home space, a number of functional areas gradually unified together, partition became the home of a necessary landscape, how to skillfully use the partition wall material was cut off, which greatly affect the visual effects in the house. The following small simple introduction, partition wall material choose what?.

&middot? What’s the partition wall material to choose?

Out of habit, still use the clay brick as the wall material, consumers in the building partition wall when in fact, in addition to environmental protection, clay brick also has heavy, uneven disadvantages, with the upgrading of building materials, now has a lot of new wall materials can be used for building partition wall. They can be divided into four types: block, prefabricated partition board, gypsum keel and glass brick. Compared with clay bricks, these materials are more environmentally friendly and have less self-respect and are more suitable for partition walls.

· blocks are now generally referred to as lightweight bricks. Light brick materials are mostly industrial waste or leftover bits and pieces, such as industrial factories and mines, residual slag, power plants and boilers burning soot. Light brick belongs to waste utilization and saves resources. Light weight brick light weight, sturdy and durable, not easily deformed, can be nailed, the price is reasonable, generally each 2.8— 3 yuan, but the demolition of trouble, transportation and handling is also inconvenient.

· system partition board with gypsum sand, ash and other materials, stitching at the construction site direct production factory, has a strong, durable characteristics, completed the main structure of the building, commonly used prefabricated partition plate separates the interior pattern. Prefabricated partition board size is larger, the specifications are more fixed, and can not be cut, the latter decoration process less use.

&middot: with the keel hit the framework, and then gypsum board closed, and this is the gypsum keel. Keel is divided into wooden keel and light steel keel, wooden keel commonly used materials for pine, specifications of a variety of, but also can be processed; light steel keel specifications are fixed, the thickness is generally only 75 mm. The plaster keel has the least weight and is easy to assemble and disassemble, but its sound insulation and insulation effects are relatively poor.

&middot: glass bricks, also called hollow glass bricks, are fused together to fuse two pieces of glass together. During construction, cement is mixed with glass cement to close the gap. Glass brick sound insulation and insulation effect is good, can meet the requirements of lighting, patterns and colors are rich and beautiful, but the cost is very high, usually 20 yuan per piece, the latter decoration process will not be used in large quantities.

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