Overall analysis of the eight trends in the wooden industry in 2016

[] 2016 wood industry how the future? “ a rainy day can calmly face; careful reading to panic ”! A analysis of the development trend of the wood industry in 2016.
First, the industry reshuffle inevitable
The extensive development of the wood industry for many years, has been criticized by many people in the industry, industry consolidation is represent the general trend. As expected, 2016 will be a difficult year, many wooden doors, enterprises and dealers will be confused and can not find the direction. In addition, more and more consumers will also look to the mobile terminal, and its brand awareness and demand will rise. The traditional business model will be very difficult to survive, so many wooden door manufacturers will leave the &ldquo in 2016. Family ”.
Two, wooden door high-end positioning will be more attention
Wood door products are widely used and widely used, and its unique advantages determine its broad market prospects. In the display of their own advantages, improve the use of the process of problems under the premise of high-end wooden door products began to enter the consumer’s line of sight.
Consumer demand for high-end wooden door products and expectations are getting higher and higher. In 2015, the tentacles of high-end wooden doors have extended to many consumers. 2016 is approaching, the future of wooden door market demand will gradually to high-end accumulation, high-end wooden door product sales and growth rate will be stable forward.
Three, personalized customization increasingly obvious demand
2014 home market downturn, the custom industry has broken out of a “ Xintiandi ”. 2015 industry customization is also a way forward. According to public data statistics, the annual total domestic market has reached 600-800 yuan, the market share will increase in the future; the potential of customized home market is unlimited. 2016 is both the bottom of the Chinese economy and a year of bottoming out. It is believed that the custom of wooden doors will surely bring together the various troops.
Four, the service value chain will improve the wooden door industry
In 2015, many wooden door enterprises pay great attention to the development of wooden door branding and differentiation. This trend will continue in 2016. In the product of high homogeneity of the wooden door industry, in order to distinguish between the differences between enterprises, the service is undoubtedly a good starting point. With the increasing demand for Internet services, more and more enterprises attach importance to the introduction of services, and strive to use services to drive product sales. By then, the product driven service model will be clearly replaced by the service driven product sales model.
Five, promotion activities are developing in a rational way
In the “do not promote, do not sell” industry shadow, promotion seems to drive wooden door industry development of a “&ldquo”; “straw &rdquo”;. However, as consumers mature, the traditional promotion approach has been difficult to ignite consumer enthusiasm for purchase. In this regard, promotional activities in rational demand will again be “ ” so the wooden door enterprises wake up; and dealers need more rational with changes in the market and consumers, to promote the development of the continuous.
Six, electricity supplier channels “ battle ” more intense
The impact of the Internet to the wooden door industry is undoubtedly enormous. Although the current wooden business model still has many imperfections, but in recent years, many high or low wooden door enterprises to enter the field of electricity providers; those who attempt by “ &rdquo was; network to reverse the situation of thinking is no longer what new things. In the coming 2016, besides the typical network marketing, the marketing channels of the businesses are gradually diversified. To sales, services, value for the needs of the wooden door industry will be more in-depth inspection of their electricity supplier development strategy. In the electricity supplier consumption return to reason at the same time, more enterprises will choose to use the Internet to divert passengers under the line, to maximize the role of the Internet publicity. At the same time, the urgent needs of consumers for product experience, but also to take refuge in “ electricity supplier tribe ” wooden door enterprises began to improve the layout of the line in order to better meet the challenges of the future. Therefore, the Internet sales channel “ fight for war ” the outbreak should be sooner or later.
Seven, innovation and change is still the driving force for enterprise development
Innovation and change is still a breakthrough enterprise “ main force ”. If the 2016 doors enterprises and dealers are still holding the doors that set the development mode and immutable and frozen for “ ” sales of thinking, so people were knocked out by a list. Now, the wooden door enterprise urgently needs some innovative “ firm ship gun ” to avoid homogeneity and market cruel “ whirlpool ”. In 2016 Chinese the doors of the market will enter a new stage, each brand, manufacturers, dealers are required to have more subversive operation mode and way of thinking to break “ ” development of a piece of heaven and earth, so innovation is to represent the general trend, for.
Eight, transformation Jiezhuang market
No matter the size of the wooden doors enterprises, are committed to excellent quality, good experience in product development, based on the stable order, must not fall in “ ”, should to Jiezhuang market and individual orders of force. Face downward pressure on the economy, real estate stocks with high volume, the doors of the real quality to come to the front of the user, in the winter of ” “ under the elimination of brand-name products, service, and trustworthy brand wood enterprises will become the mainstream.
Many of the doors of businesses, the transformation of the field of decoration may be a effective way to the further development of the industry, but if there are some links to control is not in place, the production and construction arrangements are effectively controlled, it will have serious consequences, light is detrimental to the brand reputation, heavy hit lost money.

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