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With the improvement of people’s life, the living room has a lot of tile decoration owners living room be not at all surprising, wall tiles love. This is also the trend of the decoration, then living room wall tiling, okay? Here we have to introduce the matters needing attention: what are the advantages and disadvantages of the living room wall tiles and wall tiles in the living room.

One, living room wall sticks ceramic tile advantage is:

1, high grade

It would make the home decoration grade looks to enhance the lot, and super graphics can choose, you can according to their own love style to select tile wall graphics, such as local style, European style, non mainstream style etc.. You can also make your favorite pictures into the background wall you want.

2, moistureproof good

Because the production process is the pattern carving roasted or finally get the colour up on the tile, so it seems that it is a great visual enjoyment, basically no color change again, moisture will not be like wallpaper with the same characteristics did not take long to damp the.

3, have personality

Also is a very important point because is based on your personality to make, can according to your actual size and decoration requirements to production, so in most areas near you can be said to be the one and only.

4, there is culture

Tile background wall as the living room decoration highlights, can reflect the owner’s taste and artistic accomplishment, so how to choose the TV background wall and material are very important, and tile TV background wall can let you solve this problem.

5, good heat insulation

Tile wall as a living room decoration common choice, but also because it has sound insulation, heat insulation features

6, safer

Protect metope, block poisonous gas.

7, not vulnerable

Living room wall tiling, more secure, not easy to damage.

8, easy construction

Living room wall tiling, construction convenience.

9, good clean

Easy to clean. Just use clean water and dry cloth.

Two, living room wall tiling defects:

1, the price is not cheap

The price is not cheap to say, in some shop floor may sell hundreds or even thousands of yuan a square.

2, need to wait

Plus, it’s custom made, so normally it takes 10 days to buy to see your tile wall.

Note three, the living room wall tiles.

1, prior immersion

Wall brick paving should be selected before, and should be soaked more than 2h, dry surface moisture. To pour water to wet wall tiles.

2, positioning Paizhuan

Before laying, line positioning and brick arrangement shall be carried out, and non – integral brick shall be discharged at minor or negative angles. Each wall should not be excluded two whole brick, the whole brick brick of the whole width of not less than 1\/3.

3, determine the level

Before laying, the horizontal and vertical marks shall be determined, and the bottom foot shall be properly padded and the line hanging shall be laid. Metope brick surface should be smooth, joint should be straight, slit width should be consistent. The angle brick should be pressed to the right, and the positive angle line should be made into 45&deg. The angle butt joint shall be cut and matched in the wall protrusion, and shall not be made up with non – integral bricks.

4, cement proportion

1:2 cement mortar should be used in mortar and the thickness of mortar should be 6 ~ 10mm. Cement mortar should be covered with tiles in the back side of the wall, not a paving ceiling, to prevent collapse.

5, check the hollowing

Had finished after the dry, the acceptance rate exceeds the standard requirements of hollowing inspection, the 5% is unqualified.

Edit summary: Notes on the living room wall tiles is good and the living room wall tiles which are introduced here, I hope to help you, for more information please pay attention to regulating the family network.

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