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Can the room lighting and landscaping for windows and other windows, there, let the window panoramic view of the scenery, not only can enjoy the sun caress, can relax. The window material marble, artificial stone, granite. These materials are rich in color and expressive. The next Xiaobian to introduce considerations of what material and material selection of windows and windows.

What material is a good window

I. glass

Now many people are Home Furnishing decoration materials used in the pursuit of individuality, so more and more in the novel, there are people choose window glass, very stylish personality, but the color glass is still relatively small, and the fragile glass qualities give people the feeling of insecurity.

Two tiles

1. Polished tiles

Making windows and table polishing brick is also used more, the biggest advantage of the low price, color variety, but the edge of the place is not good, texture is not particularly high. In addition if home wood flooring, decorative style is not unified, is neither fish nor fowl.

2, mosaic

She is now used to buy more, the biggest characteristic is can be free to choose their own love color and collage pattern. But the biggest flaw is paving mosaic seams not beautiful and not worth, and margin issues not resolved, relatively rough.

Three, wood

1. Carpentry board

Wood board is also making windows commonly used material, wood board table is not cold, looks relatively simple, there is a very big advantage is the convenience of the windows into storage space, enhance the Home Furnishing storage function. But the shortcomings made wood board windows and table for a long time is likely to be the sun wood deformation, in case of the window the rain has easy to damp in the winter, there will be a lot of windows and condensed water flow to the table, also can make mesa damp wood board deformation.

2, decorative panels

The most commonly used decorative panels before Piaochuang, now used in this way has been relatively small, the advantage is cheap, and can set color window material unity. But generally need paint, there is pollution, and direct sunlight, paint easy to change color, decorative panels easy to tilt, not water resistant.

3, solid wood flooring

Affordable window material is wood flooring, solid wood flooring production windows and table warm tone, bay window can coincide with the ground color, harmony. But solid wood flooring should not be in direct sunlight, windows and wall vertical needs to use the same wood healing, but the edge is easy to crack.

4, composite wood flooring

Composite wood floor radiation resistance, color choice, the relative advantage of solid wood flooring, not afraid of tide, sitting on top and not very cool, and the price is not expensive, if there is a surplus in the home floor just can make the best use of both cost savings and the overall style of a room to achieve a unified. But almost can not find the same material for closing this is the biggest defect treatment.

Four, stone

1, natural marble

The marble gives the impression that the high-end atmosphere on the grade, are often used to make windows and table, material color, richness, but natural marble has a certain degree of radiation, the need to pay attention to, also is the need to add more texture cold pad, pillow block window cloth to cool down.

2, artificial marble

Artificial marble windows and table moisture resistance, no deformation, easy maintenance, is a very good choice, but the price of artificial marble is relatively expensive, and the construction dust is relatively large, and texture of natural marble as cold, but the summer is very cool.

3 granite

There will be some people as windows and table material selection of granite, granite color, rich and varied, but the radiation is worse than marble, is not recommended.

Window material selection considerations

1, must be able to sunscreen, corrosion resistance

Because of the location of the window, will always open the window for ventilation and selection of perishable moldy corrosion in the process of the material should not be exposed to the weather.

2, we must focus on the whole, design style unity

Windows and table material selection generally consider the use of wood or stone, starting from the overall style of the decoration is selected first, and then consider whether to windows above the table space lighting, whether to ceiling, and taking into account the curtain box or curtain rod position setting, an overall design style, ensure the unity of the area.

3, we must adjust measures to local conditions and consider practicability

Some owners prefer windows was designed around the center of the bedroom window. The use of wood windows and table board made of single bed material, both sides played the full grid full of books, just like a feeling of animation library. However, this is not all rooms are suitable, toward the poor room, indoor lighting is not good, dark and damp, it is not suitable for the program. So the windows and table material selection must be adapted to local conditions, considering the practicality.

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