New functions of ceramic tiles connect new trends and new wave trends

[] today, more and more kinds of ceramic tile market, imitation of natural marble, crystal, porcelain tiles, glazed tiles, antique tiles, wood blocks, more brands with high-tech features such as tiles, dirt can release negative ions with nano ceramic tile, never protection tiles, dizzying. In addition to many varieties, tile color, paving methods are quietly changing.
Functional tile squandering charming eyes
In today’s “ health first ” the era of all health related products seem to be particularly popular; in recent years, &ldquo can be; purification of air, sterilization, antibacterial ” functional tiles have also been introduced. I found an air purification function of the ceramic tile in the Home Furnishing stores, according to sales personnel, the ceramic tile “ natural environmental protection material, natural clay minerals, sedimentary marine microbial allophane and other rich micropores by high temperature firing, and then processed by the photocatalyst layer. The utility model can effectively purify air, eliminate peculiar smell, decompose formaldehyde, prevent wall fog, and clean the ”. In addition, I also saw a level of protection layer with nano ceramic tile, according to business reports, the ceramic tile never dirty, nano surface layer will isolate the dust, is a can “ keep health worry brick ”.
Faced with a dazzling variety of tiles, the industry said, tile is a decorative material, in fact, the most important use, consumers do not have to pay too much attention to “ auxiliary effect ”. However, the multi function of ceramic tiles is a trend in the seed industry. But how to detect its effective components, functional effects, the relevant departments have not yet promulgated the corresponding standards. “ in terms of ceramic tiles, hardness, water absorption and antifouling properties have been included in the national standard test items. ” insiders, consumers can first look at the tile color, the surface is uniform, and then hand knock sound is ringing, in addition, try the best water absorbing effect, the back of the tile “ see the quality of the products is the most important. ”
Imitation wood tile
In addition to traditional tiles, imitation wood tiles are becoming more and more popular with consumers. Insiders said that the so-called imitation wood tile, wood, leather, imitation is stone technology, make ceramic tile do it is ceramic tile, wood, stone and so on has the texture of wood, stone, but more than good care, almost to the extent that the simulation. I saw the striae brick LV like a square grid in some stores, according to the person in charge of the brand, striae brick has a strong artistic atmosphere, suitable for use in bathrooms and other small space, can play a strong role in decoration, make the bathroom more vibrant.
Insiders said that the surface of the ceramic tile, imitation leather wallpaper category are specially glazed, not like ordinary people like to tile the hard cold feeling, add warmth to Home Furnishing, and has the function of waterproof wear-resistant tile, consumers can use imitation wood brick in local space, will make Home Furnishing more warm and unique.
The color is rich and colorful, and the choice of space is more
The tile pattern is single, is now no longer sumianchaotian, but presents a variety of colors. No matter deep yellow, blue, red, green or white … … now, as the soft curtain tile selection, a variety of colors and styles of everything.
Insiders said, consumers need to combine the spatial light intensity of space choice, good light can choose color deep products, has the visual effect; if the indoor space is insufficient light, as far as possible the use of light can be combined with concrete tiles, the overall decoration style.
Tiling, mix and match
Ceramic tile design based on innovation, and now tiling tiling is no longer rigidly adhere to the traditional form. I found in several brands of ceramic tile model, the tiling scheme is more diverse, can be combined with different colors, different specifications, different shapes of the tiles, create a riot of colours space, express the different individual needs.
“ tiles mix and match, can be different colors of Mashup, but also can be different specifications of the Mashup and different materials mix and match. ” industry insiders said, tiles mix and match the usual space is the bathroom, Mashup, paving will give little bathroom space to bring a sense of hierarchy. In addition, the recent popularity of mosaic mashup style, mosaic rich layering and ubiquitous changes, so that the bathroom has more vitality.

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