New deal opportunities in the property market, bathroom seize opportunities for development

[] the market frequently introduced the new deal, NPC and CPPCC, in the fresh air to under the guidance of country have joined the “ the policies applied by the city of ” the ranks of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Nanjing, Langfang and other places, different degree of tightening policy, curb property temperature rise too fast; Shenyang, Haikou, Zhuzhou and other stock the city is to relax property policies, encourage buyers, stepping up to the inventory.
February 2nd, the people’s Bank of China jointly issued the CBRC “ Credit Gift &rdquo:: unlimited purchase of the city, the first suite down 20% minimum, two suites down payment minimum 30%. On February 17th, the Ministry of finance of the people’s Bank of China and the Ministry of housing jointly issued a notice: the provident fund account, the deposit interest rate, and the benchmark interest rate for one-year term deposits. In February 19th, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of housing three departments issued a notice: for the individual purchase of two sets of housing to reduce certain concessions; individuals will purchase more than 2 years (including 2 years) of the housing sales, exempted from business tax.
The real estate market gradually warmer at the same time, will drive the upstream and downstream industries of common development. Among them, the demand for the bathroom industry will also increase, activating part of the potential incremental market, bringing new growth needs, and then help to promote the development of the bathroom industry.
First, the new deal opportunities
In recent years, the domestic and foreign economic depression, the situation is complex and changeable, the demand for real estate has been affected by the overall economic environment, and the market situation is depressed. The NPC and CPPCC held in 2016, and is closely related to real estate issues, but not NPC and CPPCC representatives and members discuss hot topics, Ministry officials and real estate related directly and have expressed their real estate inventory to “ ” become the focus of this year’s economic. A wave of real estate control policies, in order to solve the high inventory of China’s property market, so that prices in a reasonable range, and thus maintain the smooth and healthy development of the property market.
After the intensive introduction of ministries policies, the property market has been introduced to the stock market new deal. Gansu, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui and other places have introduced the property market policy, the use of credit leverage, tax relief, subsidies, housing prices settled, optimize the government repurchase and other forms of inventory to accelerate, the rapid warming of the real estate market.
This wave of rapid “ to inventory ” wave, the domestic real estate market can be described as “ice and snow days.”. One is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities commercial housing sales, the soaring prices of the phenomenon; one is the three or four line of the city inventory pressure is still large, the real estate market trading activity did not significantly improve.
In this regard, individual housing prices rose too fast, the city has begun to introduce policies to curb rising prices. In March 25th, Shanghai and Shenzhen on the same day issued the real estate market regulation policy, Shanghai strictly enforce the restriction policy, non Shanghai nationality families purchase social insurance from the previous 2 years of cumulative adjustment for 5 consecutive years, the implementation of differentiated credit policy at the same time, two sets of ordinary residential Shoufu ratio increased to 50%, two non ordinary residential Suites Shoufu ratio will increase to 70%. In addition, the policy will strengthen market supervision, strict monitoring of property buyers sources of funds, focusing on loans down payment, bridge loan. While Shenzhen and Shanghai are similar to regulatory policy, the non family residence in Shenzhen purchase insurance period from 1 years to 3 years, while the implementation of “ recognize and identify housing loans policy, and ” the two suites Shoufu ratio to 4.
The first-tier cities policy does not represent a change in the overall direction of policy easing, but &ldquo guidance, because of the city administration; ” further extension of the thought, the market cooling, the extruded part of the purchase demand to the surrounding city. Therefore, in the three or four tier cities are still high inventory background, will continue to strongly support the new deal, to accelerate destocking.
Two, bathroom industry gains a lot
With the continuous upgrading of consumption structure, people begin to pay attention to the choice of bathroom products, not satisfied with a single function, more consider the additional value of sanitary products, the individual with high quality bathroom products, China residents demand for bathroom supplies will continue to maintain the momentum of growth, the more high-end bathroom decoration more the aesthetic design of the bathroom products need to be backed, to show the effect of the design, the development of the real estate industry is an important factor affecting the sanitary ware market.
For the bathroom industry, the prosperity of the real estate market is related to the demand of the entire bathroom market. In the past few years, the real estate market downturn, the development of sanitary ware enterprises also showed a downward trend, to a certain extent, restricted the development of the bathroom industry. But this year, a series of new property market may stimulate the real estate industry to pick up, thus driving the rapid development of downstream industries.

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