“NBA 2K18” PG’s King’s depressing experiences

First PS:, and still with the kings. But since I was. A total of NBA 2k18 MT games. Won 2 games. And when I’m off, I still play.

Then PS: changed the game time with Kingsoft Ranger: 9 minutes.

Then there is the process.

The Blazers Summer League, then NBDL, and 8 games back, NBA was taken by the king. They all looked good, but then came the blues.

All right. I admit that the king is the weakest team in the league, but it’s not as weak as this.. The field lost almost 20 points. No matter who you are, no matter how famous or famous you are, no one in front of you will hit 80% if you shoot. The outside line is three points, and the ball is 50%. If you’re lucky, hit three points. So sorry, it’s 80%. A total of 12 games. The computer hit rate is above 60%, the inside is basically not to watch the basket can enter.

Although it means that the first preparation, because the 2k10 has been released list of bug, but until their own playing time, really appreciate what is called “computer hit rate” is too high, what is called “empty connection” is too ordinary. What’s most depressing is that these bug didn’t exist when you weren’t playing on the court, and it caused me to chase back when I wasn’t on the court. Maybe I’m really the chicken. That field averaged 26 points, 9.5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 1 steals..

Suddenly there was an idea that the king wanted to put me down at NBDL. At least I can still help a team win the title, and I don’t want to lose more than 20 points per game. Too early to enter NBA is really bad. I really feel it now..

A few days ago, I saw some brothers posted the championship stickers.. It’s amazing to ask. They all voted like that.

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