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The pipeline that carries natural gas from the mine or the processing plant to the city gas distribution center or the industrial enterprise user, also known as the gas pipeline. The use of natural gas pipelines to transport natural gas is the only way to transport large quantities of natural gas on land. In the world’s total pipeline, the gas pipeline accounts for about half. In the house decoration, many people want to make natural gas tables and natural gas pipes for the sake of beauty and other reasons. But the biggest safety day natural gas transformation is one of the renovation, slightly wrong may cause safety problems after the day. The following Xiaobian share with you some of the notes on the transformation of natural gas.

Structural characteristics of natural gas pipeline

pipeline structure

The gas pipeline is assembled from one pipe to another. Modern gas collecting pipelines and gas transmission pipelines are welded by welded steel pipes. Seamless steel pipe, spiral seam pipe, straight seam pipe, a variety of seamless pipe for the pipe diameter of 529 mm below the pipe, spiral seam pipe and straight seam pipe for large diameter pipe. In the pipe cross section structure pipeline, complex for internal coating of steel – insulation layer insulation (insulation layer); only simple steel tube and the outer insulating layer, and the inner wall coating and heat (cold) layer are considered gas process coupled with determination.

Natural gas pipeline material

Steel pipe is the main material of pipeline. Natural gas transmission pipe is a special metallurgical product formed by deep processing of plate (strip). Because of the difference of process technology, the pipeline steel produced by different manufacturers has certain difference. In 1960s, the general use of X52 steel grade, in 70s using X60, X65 steel grade, 80-90 years to X70 steel based. Some foreign gas pipelines have begun to adopt X80 steel. With the continuous development of pipeline steel research, Canada and other countries have laid the test section of X100 and X120 pipeline steel. In the pipeline project of Ji Ning tie line, X80 grade pipeline steel was firstly applied to the test section of 7.71km. As long as 4843km of the west to East trunk line of the west to East pipeline, X80 steel grade pipeline steel with 1219mm diameter is adopted, and the gas transmission pressure is increased to 12Mpa. Generally speaking, X80 steel is ferrite and bainite duplex structure, X100 pipeline steel is bainite structure, and X120 pipeline steel is ultra-low carbon bainite and martensite. For natural gas pipeline, strength, toughness and weldability are the three basic quality control indexes.

Characteristics of natural gas pipeline

1) the gas pipeline system is a continuous closed delivery system.

2) from the transportation, storage to user use, natural gas is in the state of pressure.

3) due to transportation of natural gas proportion is small, the static head effect is far less than the liquid, the design height less than 200 meters, the static head is negligible, the line is almost not affected by the vertical limit of the terrain.

4) there is no water hammer damage to liquid pipelines.

5) when an accident occurs, the damage is great and the range is wide. Once the pipeline ruptured, the release of energy, tear length is longer, the exhaust gas in case of open flame, but also prone to fire.

Natural gas pipeline reconstruction process

Installation application: if the project needs to install pipeline gas, the application will be submitted to the market development department by the employer. Natural gas company organization personnel on-site investigation, reply to the application unit, and is responsible for unified coordination design, installation, ignition of all aspects.

Account opening: carrying account opening letter, ID card, house property certificate or lease contract of real estate, signing natural gas contract for civil gas supply, paying the account opening fee, and firing in 5 working days according to the arrangement table.

Transfer: to carry identity cards, real estate license or housing lease contract, new tenants to the customer service department before consulting household gas fee paid and gas meter, settle the cost of natural gas, the procedures for transfer payment of relevant fees.

Transformation Construction: indoor pipeline natural gas facilities to move, move, change, install, need to apply to natural gas company, pay survey fees, door-to-door survey, calculation modification cost, door-to-door construction, settlement total cost.

Two. Notes on the renovation of natural gas pipeline

When the family decorates, the laying of the gas pipeline is a big problem. For the sake of the family’s future safety, the construction personnel must pay attention to the safety when laying the pipeline, taking into account the safe distance. Here we introduce the natural gas pipeline installation notes, we hope that in future decoration can be used as a reference.

When the gas pipe meets other pipelines, the following requirements shall be met

Horizontal laying, the spacing of not less than 150mm; vertical parallel laying, the spacing of not less than 100mm, and should be located outside the other pipeline; cross laying spacing of not less than 50mm; the pipeline can not be hidden in the walls; not like a cable like device on the wall of natural gas pipeline, must be installed on the outside of the wall it is easy to detect and repair the problem. And near the wall can not be wood and other flammable materials, walls. The pipeline should not be long short; in order to reduce accidents, natural gas pipeline should not be long short, try not to cross the bedroom, living room, if must pass through, be sure to do the protective measures, such as to set a socket in the pipeline.

1, gas appliance and pipe joints should not use hose

At the junction of the vast majority of family appliance and pipe adopt stainless steel tube, but there are still a few old houses connected by a hose. Hose easy aging, if not updated, easy to cause gas leakage accident.

2. Gas meters shall be ventilated

The gas meter in the kitchen should be placed in a ventilated position, which is not only safe and convenient, but also can be checked by the persons concerned when they come to the house to pay for it. In the decoration, the owner may not change the meter of gas meter without permission, nor shall he move the position without permission. If maintenance services are required, local gas units should be sought and the maintenance shall be carried out at the time of stopping the gas. After the gas meter is reinstalled, it should be checked in time, and the test pressure and test leakage can be put into use before it is qualified.

3, after the completion of pipeline reconstruction, safety inspection is required

In order to prevent the damage caused by natural gas pipelines and fittings in the decoration, decoration after the timely safety inspection, check whether the natural gas pipeline leakage phenomenon occurred, after the inspection found no problems can be put into use, it should promptly seek professional personnel for repair. If the gas leakage is found during the inspection, the professionals in the gas supply department will be notified in time.

Conclusion: the above is related to the transformation of natural gas pipeline matters related to information, for reference only, we hope to help. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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