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We always meet the wall is not flat phenomenon in the decoration of houses, walls or concave, convex or out, or some of the material we renovation process is not smooth, especially the gypsum board and the like, we have to think of ways to put it corrected at this time, to avoid affecting the overall appearance, so the wall surface grinding machine necessary, it can help us a lot of manual we can’t finish the job, and as much as possible to achieve the overall consistent and beautiful. “ wall sander ” also widely referred to as wall sander, wall sander, and so on. There are many brands of wall grinding machines on the market, and their prices vary. There is a certain gap. Next, I will introduce several wall grinding machine brand and their prices for you to make certain reference.

Introduction of wall sander

The grinding machine called wall wall surface grinding machine, also called “ &rdquo “ wall grinding machine; wall sander ” “ &rdquo, &ldquo putty grinding machine; grinding machine; wall ” &ldquo, ” white grinding machine; “ vacuum sander & rdquo; “ sand machine, ” “ sandpaper machine ” call, because all are different, the standard name for wall surface grinding machine.

Wall surface grinding machine is vacuum sander by Ni Yuping for the new patent, discloses a sanding machine, including loading and dust suction device, wherein the dust removal device comprises a casing, dust, dust and motor protective cover plate. In the utility model, the dust removal device and a suction device is split between the dust removal device and a suction device connected through the vacuum tube connection; a suction pipe is arranged on the dust cover, one end of a dust absorption pipe, connecting pipe connection, split mechanism can as far as possible the maximum degree of vacuum dust inhalation in the device to avoid damage of dust on the human body, and can absorb a large amount of disposable dust, avoid frequently change the dust bag to reduce the work efficiency. Therefore, the utility model can be used for grinding the wall surface or wood board or floor, so that the utility model has the advantages of environmental protection, sanitation and improved work efficiency.

Classification of wall sander applications

Long pole wall grinding machine

Mainly used in large engineering roughness requirements are not high, and grinding speed is very fast (for metope, smallpox, grinding more complicated, even if the shelf, grinding smallpox is very clumsy).

Portable wall sander

Handy compact, mainly used in indoor decoration, grinding out of the wall is very smooth, at least 2 times than the extension of light.

Sand suction machine

The development of this machine costs high (mainly technical requirements), production costs are low, the machine itself is more heavy, grinding smallpox will feel tired.

Wall grinding machine effect classification

Dust polishing

Dust polishing即是使用砂板、砂纸夹板、或者使用墙面打磨机直接对墙面打磨而不用处理打磨后流出的腻子灰,虽然提高了效率,机器价格也稍微便宜,灰尘还是没有办法解决。

Dust-free polishing

Dust-free polishing即是利用墙面打磨机或者其他打磨工具对墙面进行打磨,将打磨过程中产生的腻子灰同时进行收集。不仅解决了打磨速度慢的问题,而且还解决了粉尘的产生,其做出来的墙面平整、细腻效果是手工所无法比拟的。

Which is good for wall grinding machine?

腻子Dust-free polishing机,阴、阳角打磨都没问题,让打磨机器化、无尘化,呵护健康生命无价。是装修师傅的健康保护神。一、吸尘式打磨的好处,1、能提高装饰工程质量,为装饰公司争取更多的客源和树立良好的口碑,能使自己公司的工艺水平迅速提高,客源日益增多;2、能节约打磨时间,缩短工程周期,节约成本;3、施工现场几乎无粉尘,对工人的身体健康更有利。

Wall grinding machine brand recommendation

We understand that the wall surface grinding machine brand, Muhe, Dr. Wang, Di Fan, Wei Bo, An Jieshun, the public, as well as a Calderon, Hiromasa Kymmene, Shibaura and some other brands, these brands are not good, it is not worthy of our trust, the brand is currently some have the status of the brand, if we really do not know how to choose the time in which you can choose a course, as long as the time of purchase to patient selection, understand the characteristics of products, in fact, still can choose a good wall surface grinding machine.

For some of these small brands to give you some advice, these brands, An Jieshun Teevan, Kai Delong, UPM and Shibaura these brand is well-known and has an absolute guarantee of the quality of these brands or from abroad, or the domestic market plays an important role, but the price is different, the Chicago Pu, UPM and AJS the three brand price close, the gap is not large, but there are more expensive brands AJS surface grinding machine, in the design and use are more than the average wall surface grinding machine is outstanding, and Kai Delong Teevan and the price is more expensive, more often than before several expensive one hundred to two hundred yuan, the performance will be a little better than several more, but it is not very obvious, so we buy at the same time, according to their own economic situation Case selection.

Wall sander price

The first paragraph: define DF-180B wall surface grinding machine

We recommend the first is to define the DF-180B wall surface grinding machine, LED lighting design has humanization, can light up the dark, so as to facilitate the realization of grinding, it also has a separate switch design, the operation is more convenient, only need to gently press the switch to start led. The grinding machine and built-in vacuum function, can create a healthy working environment to the user, it adopts full copper electrical power, especially the reliable material, ensure the service life of the handle, it passed through the soft package, feel more comfortable. This Teevan DF-180B wall surface grinding machine for the price of 398 yuan.

The second paragraph: Huichuang 230E wall surface grinding machine

Next, I will introduce this a Huichuan 230E wall surface grinding machine. It switches the waterproof design, humanization design has special, 6 stall speed switch, can be adjusted according to different grinding needs, its power is very strong, can meet the different material surface grinding. The sticky disc at the top is very flexible, which ensures the grinding effect. This type of grinding machine has higher efficiency and is particularly convenient for sanding. Electric power has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, very durable. This 230E Huichuan wall surface grinding machine for the price of 780 yuan.

The third paragraph: Li Xiang LXDMQ wall grinding machine

最后为大家推荐的这一款是汇川230E墙面打磨机。它采用了比较人性化的Dust-free polishing设计,在打磨墙面的时候可以吸走大部分的灰尘,它还拥有着加长的设计,以便能够打磨高处墙面,也可以进行垂直打磨天花板的工作,使得工作起来更加方便,它的设计比较轻巧,工作起来省时省力。这款汇川230E墙面打磨机的报价为1101元左右。

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more details about the price, please quote the local distributor as the standard!

Editor’s summary: if you have the will to buy Wall grinding machine, you can according to my own work needs, so as to buy different price, different brands, different performance of the wall grinding machine. In the purchase, but also pay attention to the quality of wall grinding machine, it is best to choose reliable manufacturers to buy.

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