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The family is not very rich people, the decoration is a very costly thing, so everyone in the decoration of the time will take into account the budget, according to the different decoration budget, we roughly decoration is divided into basic decoration, mid-range decoration, high-grade decoration three grades, today we are going to talk about most people choose mid-range the choice of what kind of ceramic tile decoration.
There is a prerequisite, what is mid-range decoration?
Below we first understand the basic decoration, intermediate decoration and high-grade decoration between the difference:

Basic decoration: whitewashed walls, basic Restroom sink, toilet, kitchen sink with a basic, basic television and other appliances. Renovation price 100-500 yuan \/ square meter
Mid-range decoration: floor tiles or marble, whitewashed walls and waxing, a ceiling, Restroom has better bathroom equipment. Equipped with TV, air conditioning, lampblack machines, refrigerators and other multi-point appliances. Renovation price 500-800 yuan \/ square meter
High-end decoration: it looks very exquisite decoration, luxury allocation, high-grade model housing is basically high-end decoration. Renovation price of more than 1000 yuan per square meter

Intermediate decoration tile selection:
Grade is in fact the definition of materials, decoration has budget constraints, so in the mid-range decoration, tile selection, we have to choose the price of the decoration in the price of materials products.

The decoration of ceramic tiles are used mostly polished tiles and antique brick, polishing brick is a bright brick surface after polished, antique brick is imported in the firing process of technical content is relatively high, the process is complex, so the antique brick price relative than the polished price more expensive.

Family decoration, mid-range decoration budget is limited, so in the choice of tiles, antique brick selection is not recommended.

Xiaobian summary, mid-range decoration tile selection to introduce here, I believe we all need to understand the mid-range decoration and decoration costs, for the choice of those tiles will be considered in accordance with the budget.

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