Market trends of granular insulation mortar

With the market demand, the performance of granular insulation mortar has attracted more and more attention. The performance of the product mainly include low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties, high compressive strength, strong adhesion, strong adhesion, freeze-thaw resistance, dry shrinkage and soaking for variable rate is small, not easy to crack and hollow.
What are the market prospects of granule thermal insulation mortar? As the light bulk material to prepare insulation mortar. The production of this product also includes a lot of technological means: including insulation layer, crack protection layer and anti seepage layer. In addition, rubber powder, polyphenyl granule, heat preservation material and technological evil were listed as state-level engineering methods in 1998. This kind of construction method is the universally accepted exterior wall thermal insulation technology at present. The construction craft is simple, can reduce the escape intensity, things will not be in step effect; construction quality difference in effect of insulation mortar crack resistance of wood fiber, fiber Yan, wood fiber, thickener, wall insulation.
For the wall without defects, the wall needs no repair, cutting and leveling, and bending and insulation with the slurry can be used to stop it. Besides, the insulation construction technology is characterized by the excessive plastering and the wearing of the plaster. The technology for the different external wall insulation engineering using the premise of Kang inferior interface layer easy to wear made of sticky surface layer hollowing, easy crack problem, which is mainly through the pseudo exterior insulation technology.
In general, we all know that the final product use value will be reflected and ensure the direction of the market and the trend of thermal insulation mortar, so the product market to the status of quality businesses should clear product in the market is not in luck.

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