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Marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, and its main component is mainly calcium carbonate, which accounts for more than 50%. As marble generally contains impurities, and calcium carbonate in the atmosphere by carbon dioxide, carbide, water vapor, but also easy to weathering and corrosion, and make the surface soon lose luster. So pay special attention to the maintenance of marble. Next, Xiaobian will tell you about the marble waxing conservation knowledge, interested friends to take a look at it!

Marble Maintenance Tips

1, marble waxing conservation

Is a kind of effective method for the maintenance of marble waxing and polishing, but the maintenance of a lot of drawbacks: first, wax surface dust; secondly, wax layer closed pores inside the marble, marble marble with moisture cannot lead, prone to disease; third, wax layer is soft, easy to wear, can not really achieve the protection of marble.

Domestic marble maintenance is mainly divided into two kinds of cleaning and protection. Protection construction methods are mainly divided into two kinds, one is marble before construction to do protection, and the other is stone construction after protection.

At present, an advanced high-tech stone maintenance product &mdash is adopted at home and abroad. This kind of protectant can play three roles when it dissolves in water: clean and protect the ground; if it contains microcrystalline particles, it can also improve the brightness; remove the possible moisture and fully reduce the need for regular cleaning. If the care is maintained according to these simple points, the natural stone can extend the life of the stone and keep the luster as bright as new for a long time.

However, different types of stone, curing agent naturally changed, and in different circumstances, different installation processes, there will be different results. Stone must be in accordance with their own characteristics, if not properly chosen, not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but will make the problem more complicated. Therefore, the correct selection of marble curing agent is the key to maintain the quality of the project.

2 、 crystallization treatment

On the marble recrystallization treatment is a popular method of maintenance, recrystallization of marble is divided into two parts, one part refers to the part of machine tool, the other part is a special chemical material; chemical materials and into two types: one is the granite recrystallization, the other is marble recrystallization. The basic principle is the crystallization of stone will produce some special chemical materials by mechanical friction when the heat binding reaction and structure of marble surface, have a crystalline hard layer of the use of these stone recrystallization of granite and marble stone floor maintenance, can make Dali light fresh and natural effect. Can also improve the surface of the marble wear-resisting degree, make its luster more lasting.

Above is marble, wax, conserve relevant content introduction, hope to be helpful to you. For more information about marbles, please continue to pay attention to Qijia information.

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