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Marble wall polishing is the process of stone care, crystal surface processing, or the last process of stone light plate processing. Is now one of the most important processes of stone care, it is different from the traditional cleaning business scope of marble cleaning, waxing, polishing. Today, Xiao Bian will give you a detailed description of marble wall polishing practices.

How is marble polished?

1, coarse grinding

The use of 50#, 150#, 300#, 500# diamond hard resin grinding block (coarse grinding grinding grinding do not use soft water, prone to wave, affecting the flatness) to coarse grinding of older water but remember not too much, each end mill to completely absorb water, check the cut left deep abrasive scratch if 50# mill, and so on, the machine go well shaped grinding, coarse grinding, grinding time is the total 45%, to ensure the completion of the project quality acceptance of the Guan Jian link.

2, fine grinding

The use of 800#, 1000#, 2000# diamond resin soft grinding, fine grinding accounted for the overall research 35% time, fine grinding to 800# after the beginning of light, fine grinding to 2000# degrees up to 50 degrees after ze.

3, fine grinding

The use of 3000# diamond resin grinding grinding, soft water spraying A2 by ion exchange, grinding the total 20% grinding time, grinding after lifting high gloss surface, improve the density of Dali stone, as a polishing agent (NO2+Q5 mirror repair agent) to lay a solid foundation, enhanced the adhesion of polishing material.

4, polishing

Use the power of more than 2HP, 175—210 RPM \/ min, the weight of 45-70 kilograms of crystal face, hair content 70% fur pad, 3M mat, mat, marble mirror with nano complex cream NO2, 2X mirror lock knife into the milk Q5 polishing and grinding, polishing the marble surface gloss can reach less in 90&mdash more than 100 degrees.

5, encountered difficult to do translucent stone, artificial stone, such as white Jazz resin, if done in the method is still not bright, then spraying again A2 3000# grinding to dry, then repeat with nano pad, with marble mirror re Yan cream NO2, 2X mirror lock knife into the milk Q5 polishing, nano inorganic polymer crystallization layer, a glass of water, like bright effect will come out. With high hardness, abrasion resistance, transparency, water resistance, dirt resistance, anti-skid and other functions.

Marble wall polishing treatment method

1, tools and materials: hand throwing machine, wire cotton, 3M polishing pad

2, stone brightening agent: United States 2501 brightening, Spanish K2 brightening agent

3: first of all, polishing wall clean, then spraying on the wall, and then hand polishing machine polishing, wire cotton small cap with hand polishing machine speed the speed at 400 rpm, the steel wire cotton plate good pressure in the hands of the grinding head of polishing machine under test on the stone surface the machine, with steel wire cotton not emergence is dispersed, start grinding machine normal crystallization hardening. Polish not less than three times until the wall is bright enough to achieve the desired effect.

The above is marble wall polishing related content, and I hope to help you. For more information about marbles, please continue to pay attention to Qijia information.

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