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In the home decoration, marble has been generally used in the living room. However, the use of marble for a long time, or maintenance without attention, there will be scratches phenomenon. So, how do you deal with marble scratches? Next, we will tell you about the treatment of marble scratches.

How do you deal with marble scratches?

First determine the judgment is polished, deep scratches, relatively shallow part can be polished by 2000# and 3000# after grinding can remove scratches, deep scratches if required by the coarse grinding to fine grinding processing, local deep scratches can also be used to remove the local polish.

The fine cuts in marble can be polished with marble polishing powder. Granite (Ma Shi) or stone with silica as the main component can be polished with granite polishing powder. Glass based polishing powder is used as the main component of glass. With the filling and polishing of the polishing powder, the scratches can be obviously reduced, and the overall brightness can be increased, so that a good repair effect can be achieved.

1, cleaning work surface;

2, add proper amount of water;

3, sprinkle with polishing powder, mix thoroughly;

4, with wool polishing wheel speed from low to high, thrown to the surface warm.

If you want to completely solve it, you can replace the defective brick or re Polish it.

Marble Maintenance Tips

1, as far as possible to avoid metal objects and sand and other hard objects, direct and regular friction Microcrystalline stone surface;

2, do not contact with strong acid for a long time;

3, often with clean water or neutral detergent, organic solvent cleaning the contaminated surface;

4, paving the ground, after a period of use, the individual Pore Defect Residual brick surface may suck dirty black, as in this case, can use a toothbrush with toothpaste and other tools such as the neutral detergent wash clean, then filled with hard wax or wax tree.

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