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At present, the ground in the public place is too smooth and causes accidents such as slip, injury, disability and so on. The ground slip proof has become a new problem of public safety. Effective solution to the existence of marble anti-skid, ground water anti-skid, how anti-skid, marble how slippery method? Next, follow Xiao Bian to have a look!

Marble tile introduction

According to the reporter, at present the major brands are marble tile products, and the market for four or five years, the specifications for more than 800 of the block 800&times. Price on the 200— 500 yuan \/ square meters, compared to the precious natural marble, the price has advantages. In addition, in recent years, marble, tile products are constantly rich, and because of the convenience of care and can create a strong visual effect, marble tiles are accepted by many consumers.

According to designer Ni Jian introduction, marble tile has very good texture, in the construction effect prominent role, especially suitable for modern and European style. In addition to laying on the ground, the marble tile products affixed to the wall is also a lot of cases. Now cutting technology is high, many consumers will cut the marble tile products used in the kitchen bathroom wall, or as a television background wall.

But he also reminded that the marble tile surface texture is an important factor in creating atmosphere, but the brick is too thin, it is difficult to present the desired effect. And consumers pay attention to the texture at the same time, do not ignore the anti-skid performance. &ldquo: the best choice of brand products, so that not only texture is guaranteed, but also has better anti-skid performance, use more secure. ” Ni Jian also believes that the hardness and water absorption of the marble tile than the traditional wall, if you want to be stuck on the wall, the use of traditional cement mortar paving easily lead to large area sloughing, recommended tile adhesives, with thin paste paving.

Anti-skid treatment of marble

1: cleaning sites and cleaning the ground. (Note: if there is wax on the surface of the ground, wax water should be removed first to remove wax and then cleaned. )

2: shake the bottle back and forth several times, and then the way an antiskid agent sprayed step ground with a sponge or brushing the ground, besmear to be uniform, if there should be timely fill wet noodles.

3: wait 8-15 minutes, wash it with clean water, and then scrub gently with a brush or sponge.

4: anti-skid treatment, after completion of natural cool dry 1-2 hours, if necessary, wet water retention, and then enter the use.

5: after the above program is completed, you will feel the anti slip effect and before there is a significant difference.

The above is related to the introduction of marble anti-skid, and I hope to help you. For more information about anti slip, please continue to pay attention to Qijia information.

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