Maintain the advantages of the 0 bronze bronze

General in the villa with the bronze bronze more, largely with its exquisite decoration, the decoration is copper art. In practical terms, is more durable than ordinary bronze doors, not only there is no deformation and cracking problems, better anti-theft performance, longer service life. The next Xiaobian to introduce the advantages and maintenance of bronze bronze.

Copper door maintenance

1, the use of brass, do not hang heavy items or avoid sharp objects carved touch, scratch on the door, open or close the door, don’t overexert or the opening angle is too large, so as not to damage the gate.

2, do not often use water stains (or other solutions) to open the door locks, so as not to lock the door color. When opening the door lock or turning the door handle, don’t force it too hard, thus reducing the life of the door lock. Hinges, locks and other regular hardware fittings, when loosening occurs, should be tightened immediately. When the door lock is not working properly, you can add some appropriate pencil core to the key hole, and remember to lubricate with something like cooking oil.

3, wipe the glass (glass doors), do not make detergent or water into the glass bead in the gap, so as to avoid layering deformation. Wipe the glass, don’t force it too hard, so as to avoid broken glass and human body. Broken glass or a big bump, be sure to please the professional maintenance personnel to repair.

4, remove the copper surface stains (such as fingerprints), can be used wet breathe, wipe with a soft cloth, with a hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface stains too, can use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, decontamination, immediately wipe clean. Bronze doors at the edges do not often friction, so as to avoid the edges facing material to fade. When removing dust from wooden products, the dust can be removed by removing it with soft cotton cloth. In order to keep the copper surface gloss and service life, should be regularly cleaned and dust, maintenance liquid can use the wooden decoration products for the maintenance of the surface.

5, spring and winter, we must pay attention to indoor ventilation, maintain indoor humidity, so that the copper in normal temperature and humidity, metal fittings come off the rust, edge, decorative materials. In winter use electric heating or other heating equipment, away from wooden products, so as not to make it heating deformation.

6, paint the walls, to the copper cover, so as not to paint out on the surface of the product, so that the finishing material peeling, fading, affect the overall appearance.

The advantages of copper

1, compared with stainless steel door. Comparing cost and processing cost and the market price of stainless steel and the processing fee and the market price comparison and copper, stainless steel door than bronze expensive 40%.

2, affordable. A square thousands of dollars, how can I say “ affordable &rdquo? The purchase of bronze is equivalent to get the total price of 50% copper, and 15% of the material within the frame of configuration.

3, permanent benefit. Copper is always copper, descendants of 1000 carry tens of thousands of the same. Work in today, Lee in the future, and ultimately only appreciation, descendants benefit.

4, for the interpretation of the dictionary: bronze, golden gate, golden gate. Because it is copper, copper is the third precious metal after gold and silver.

5, anti-theft particularly strong. Professional high-grade anti-theft lock, heaven and earth insurance bolt, door crack light and shade, outside the mouth can not see the lock body and lock core, is a standard built-in lock.

6, as the saying goes, “&ldquo”; “things in order to hope for your &rdquo.”;. Expensive and high grade, bronze luxurious appearance, highlight the noble identity, taste rise, high value.

The welding process of bronze

1, the welding quality will directly influence the quality of assembly, so when a component is installed, to strictly control the welding gap at the mismatch error, the welded joint installation assembly shall be qualified to check before welding welder.

2 、 preparation before welding

(1) the assembled welded joint shall be handed over to the welder for welding after special inspection;

(2) check whether the foot of the welding position is safe and reliable;

(3) clean the welding groove area and bring the baking welding rod to the site with the heat preservation tube.

3 、 welding work

(1) in order to avoid welding distortion, symmetrical welding (including butt welding, vertical welding and oblique welding) is adopted during welding;

(2) in the process of welding, the slag is cleaned by way of welding seam. In addition to the spatter, the defects are found and the defects are removed by grinding into the grinding wheel in a timely manner;

(3) after the welding work is finished, the welding area and the welding position and site shall be cleaned and transferred to the next welded joint.

4, after welding inspection

(1) the welds shall be examined after cooling;

(2) there shall be no cracks in the weld; the weld metal is completely fused with the base metal; all the cracks are filled;

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