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The so-called light partition refers to separate space within the building wall, partition wall generally not bearing, general requirements for light and thin, with good sound insulation performance is good, the partition is a kind of commonly used modern decorative architectural decoration industry to use the partition way, can make full use of the space in the building, and also to ensure that the performance of all the private space between which is widely used in hotel, office decoration. The following is a brief introduction to the types of lightweight partitions and the advantages of lightweight interior partitions.

Types of lightweight partition materials

1 plasterboard

Plasterboard is the most widely used and most widely used board in the market, and the largest gypsum board enterprise belongs to Taishan. At present, its products have been sold all over the country. Gypsum board partition material is slowly to the market delivery to calcium silicate board, because calcium silicate board fire protection environmental performance is in the future all kinds of building development needs. But because the gypsum board price is low, the proportion in the market is very large, a lot of people in the choice of partition board, always put the price of the product in the first place, and the performance of products are relatively minor conditions.

2, fiber cement board

As a partition board, the fiber cement board also needs the coordination of the light steel keel partition wall. The density of the fiber cement board is higher than that of calcium silicate, so the insulation and sound insulation performance are better, but because of the higher density, it is more likely to be fragile.

Fiber cement board is divided into many kinds of fiber cement pressure plate and fiber cement without plate, this is according to the production is not pressurized to distinguish; and asbestos fiber cement board and non asbestos fiber cement board, which is based on whether the raw materials containing asbestos to distinguish the fire performance of fiber cement board is also very good, the fire will be generated when combustion does not produce toxic gases and other substances.

3 calcium silicate board

The use of calcium silicate board as partition plate, the need to first light steel keel partition wall set up, and then in its surface sealing calcium silicate board, calcium silicate board thickness can be based on actual needs to choose. For example, in the wall generally adopts 6mm sheet thickness, and the wall is 8mm or 9mm to plate thickness, wall system using calcium silicate board, light steel keel wall has a particularly good fireproof performance function is very good, is through the plate fire protection inspection requirements.

This kind of wall thermal insulation, waterproof, high strength, good stability, green environmental protection performance is required in modern architecture, the partition system not only has the advantages of simple construction, and the wall strength is also very good.

4 、 metal surface sandwich board

Metal surface sandwich panel refers to the upper and lower two layers of sheet metal, core material has certain rigid insulation materials, such as rock wool, rigid foam, in a special automatic production line compounded structure with plate bearing capacity, also known as &ldquo ” sandwich plate.

5. Wood grain board

Wood grain board in some partition ceiling application or some, but its material is not set fire. Before construction, the board must be prepared to do fire prevention measures, such as first coated with fireproof paint on board. Otherwise, once a fire occurs, it is easy to support the fire and increase the risk of fire.

Advantages of lightweight interior partition board

1, has good sound insulation effect, the effect of noise in line with national residential noise requirements, much higher than other brick wall sound insulation effect.

2, light weight, per square meter wallboard 60± 2kg, compared to brick concrete wall weight dropped by about 80%, reducing the cost of the project foundation;

3, high compressive strength, compressive strength of up to 5MPa;

4, waterproof performance is good. The surface of the light partition wall has dense structure and good waterproof property, and can be applied to damp areas, such as kitchens, toilets, basements, etc..

5, environmental protection. The use of raw materials does not contain harmful substances, no radioactive a class products, in line with the national G\/T169-2005 standards.

6, fire, solid new light partition board at 1000 degrees Celsius high temperature limit of fire more than 4 hours, and does not emit toxic gas, non flammable performance to the national level a standard.

Role of partition wall

1, the building itself filling role, the partition wall can not become a load-bearing wall, it only plays a filling role in the building, the walls are generally done under the floor.

2, the partition of the internal space to play a role in division, the partition wall is divided into space, you can design through scientific design to achieve maximum space use efficiency.

3, the wall for the internal space has sound absorption, noise reduction requirements, as the partition space is mostly closed space, which requires partition walls, materials and functions to meet the needs of sound insulation, noise reduction.

4, different space partition wall should have different characteristics, according to different spatial functions, partitions need to have different characteristics, such as kitchen partition should have fire resistance; toilet partition wall should have moistureproof ability.

5, with the living way of transformation, gradually adapt to the requirements of the use of partition room space transformation, in order to meet the requirements of users in many aspects of space, and the traditional mode of fixed partition more difficult to adapt to the changing needs of space, and hanging wall, movable partition and other new technology, will become the original rigid partition model more changes.

6, especially the partition wall light, easy disassembly, component specification wall light assembly, not only more conducive to large-scale production and manufacturers, easy transportation, installation and use, convenient assembly and disassembly, component is not easy to damage the features of lightweight partition more environmental protection.

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