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Latex paint is home decoration indispensable decoration materials, it is based on synthetic resin emulsion as the base material, the filler after grinding, dispersed, adding a variety of additives refined paint. Latex paint has many advantages different from traditional wall paint, such as easy to paint, quick drying, water resistance and good scrub resistance. Next, we introduce the main features of emulsion paint and latex paint.

Latex paint formula

Raw material — weight — function

Water — 1.8

AP-4765— 20— emulsion

NXZ— 0.1— defoaming agent

Texanol— 0.7— film-forming assistant

Ethylene glycol butyl ether — 0.3— film-forming assistant

Propylene glycol — 0.4— freezing inhibitor

Sand and stone powder; — 75— graded aggregate

HS30000 (2.5%) — 4— thickener

Total— 100

Main features of emulsion paint

1, drying speed. In 25&deg, C, the surface can be dried within 30 minutes and can be completely dry in about 120 minutes.

2, good alkali resistance. Apply to alkaline new plastering wall and ceiling and concrete wall, not sticky, not easy to change color.

3 、 soft color, hard film, smooth surface, no light, comfortable look, bright and soft colors. Strong color and adhesion, it is ideal paint for painting wall and ceiling.

4, in the new construction of wet wall construction, allowing humidity up to 8— 10%, and does not affect the cement continue to dry.

5, non-toxic. Even in poorly ventilated rooms, construction is not harmful to construction workers.

6 、 convenient modulation and easy construction. Can be diluted with water, with a brush or brush tool construction, clean with clear water after use is very convenient.

7 do not start fire. Because paint is aqueous phase system, there is no danger of fire.

How to choose latex paint?

1, choose a light emulsion paint that you prefer

When you pick the color number, you must choose more than the color of a light Rujiaoqi, because it will brush three times on the wall, so brush out the color must be a bit deeper.

2, different space, choose different latex paint

For example, bedroom painted latex paint, generally choose more warm, comfortable warm color mainly, the overall foil a romantic feeling. Living room painted latex paint color is not the same, the living room belongs to the public space, we can choose some more atmospheric, neutral, who can accept the color.

3, the latter collocation pays attention to

The entire wall is painted with latex paint, after taking into account the late match. Because latex paint is more plain, no wallpaper like texture, so when we match in the later, we must work on the accessories.

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